Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hitch Itch 2012

Got a bad case of Hitch Itch--that's the RV'ers jargon for "Been in one place too long-gotta hit the road"!  Aside from that, it is unseasonably warm for this time of year and it is time to get out!

So, this being my 4th solo cross-country trip, I hope I have the RV/house preparation down to a science.  I spent the entire weekend with the RV in my driveway doing maintenance on the roof.  It needed a good cleaning and inspection.  Last year, the entire roof was Eternabonded (epoxy-impregnated tape) but some of it came loose in the violent wind of New Mexico and had to be replaced.

Last trip was terribly disorganized up front and I vowed to remove the passenger chair taking up space where I needed it most!  

You can't imagine how much "stuff" I need to have up front--my Cassie in arms reach for the reassuring touch when I stray onto the rumble strips, the laptop, GPS unit, cell phone, MegaSipperCup, several pairs of eyeglasses, wallet for frequent trips to the fuel pump, place for my thumb drive music...the list goes on...

Here is my solution:   a light custom designed table--me 'n Ted at Lowe's figured it out-cost about $17.

Most important prep is to start eating everything in the refrigerator and freezer NOW--no more food purchases!  It all has to go into a modest-sized RV fridge or the garbage.

One must start shopping online for the inevitable replacement equipment for RV's (specialty stores expensive and poor selection).  My softsided HitchBag sprung many leaks and is no longer waterproof.  I discovered this most unpleasantly while turning the bag inside out to empty the contents.  

Eeewwww---GROSS!   Slimy algae green goo came oozing out and the bag needed extreme pressure-washing and de-gooping. 

I also removed the uncomfy sofa from the interior and replaced it with my VERY ULTRA comfy recliner with footrest.  Ooooh me 'n Cassie are gonna be very happy resting in our favorite recliner!

After the last trip, I vowed to buy Pet Steps for my Cassie who is too small to jump up and down on my Mile High RV Bed.   

I shopped online and found the Pet Ladder by Animal Planet at a Bed Bath & Beyond using a 20% off coupon!  Nice, it is collapsible and the wood matches my home furniture.  The bad part; I had to totally rebuild it as it was obviously not made to bear the weight of a dog actually using it.  Nothing is easy.  But, it works great now and she is in training with her favorite Beggin' Bacon Strips.
This will be a destination-oriented trip; I am deadheaded to my sister's home in Eureka CA where I plan to spend my summers as long as she will tolerate my squatting in her backyard under the Redwood trees.   

I am still undecided whether to take the preferred "eye-candy", gas-sucking Rocky Mountain route or a southerly route through Las Vegas and scheduling nightly campgrounds for AC.  Fortunately, I can delay my decision until "LA or somewhere in Texas" when I have to make a swing north or continue west.  I do prefer the mountains and folksy drama of sleeping in Walmarts and Cracker Barrels.

My big treat on this trip will be a planned cruise with 4 other wild 'n crazy women to Alaska.  TWO cabins--FIVE women!  August 25.  

Get money.

I have two shore excursions planned;  a Ketchikan Kodiak coastal trip to view wildlife like Bears, moose, eagles and...

..Orcas Oh My!

...and a scenic Yukon Route train trip to the top of Klondike Pass

and a bike ride coasting back down to Skagway.

(I love to say that name, Skagway...Skagway...Skagway). 

Depending on the route chosen, I might take in a show at the Strip in Las Vegas.  Elton John is at Cesear's during May and his show has received a bazillion raves.  I wanted to see the Michael Jackson show but the reviews are pretty bad.

The return trip back east coming home will have most of my activities and visitations, among them a stop at the Royal Gorge River in Colorado, home of the world's longest suspension bridge... 

..for my first Zipline experience

"Wheeeeeeee!  Pure....adrenaline..."


(Add sound effect like the GEICO piggy!)

..and a more adventurous (higher class rapids) whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River.  Last year's trip on the Snake River was so much fun that I just have to do it again.

Other stuff I have to do-download music from YouTube (for free, of course) for my singing and listening pleasure as I roll down the road. 

Make sure I have my passport for my Alaska trip.  The train goes into Canada and we bike through a part of Canada, eh? 

Take out a loan to start fueling the RV for the trip.  I phoned my fund manager who wants to go with me but I told him he must stay in Boston and guard what's left of my money.  

Notify VISA that I am going on a trip over several states so they don't flag my credit card as possible identity theft and cut off my fuel pump privileges.

As usual, I'll post a blog weekly-ish and the widget at the right hand side of this blog will track my progress, through the miracle of Google and cell phone GPS. 


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    This, of course, is very close to us...we do hope you are planning to stop and spend some time with us!!!

  2. Sounds like you and Cassie are about ready for your trip. I hope that as usual you have a fantastic time and I'm already enying you those wonderful redwoods