Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sibs

Sue (left), Phil (center) and Sharon
I just adore my sibs!  We are all 18 mos apart in age and grew up in the boonies as buds.  As childhood contemporaries in the early 50's without movies, malls or TV, we learned how to amuse ourselves and negotiate our space and issues.

You can see from this picture, that I am the "serious, older" one in charge of my screeching, younger siblings.

My sister, Sharon, who owns and operates a riverfront RV park in California's north coast redwood country, found a window of opportunity to visit immediately following the flood season, foot surgery and collection of monthly rental receipts and before a surgical consultation for a knee replacement.  She gives joints new meaning...

She arrived with a slight limp and  the usual northern pallor and---a meteoric blood pressure!

"How high was it?"

Back in my nursing days, she would not have been permitted to leave the physician office until receiving treatment to immediately lower the pressure.

So, we began a regimen designed to lower blood pressure:  herbal remedies, antianxiety meds, sleeping in, morning visits to the hot tub, lunch, shopping, pre-cocktail naps, 5 o'clock cocktails, chocolate, scrabble games and evening reality shows enjoyed with cocktails.  We met friends from Orlando and had a fine dining experience at Chez Suzanne.

My sis also went RV shopping with me!  I had already been to the Tampa Supershow and identified several travel trailers that I was interested in possibly purchasing for use in California.  Since my sis would be hosting the trailer in her RV park and I intended to let her use it when I wasn't there, I thought she should be involved in the choice.  We had a lot of fun checking out the trailers and both agreed on Prime Time Mfg Lacrosse model!

My bro, Phil, joined us towards the end of her visit and his condition was disturbing.  He had suffered a fall down a flight of stairs 5 days earlier and lost consciousness for 8 hours.  In halting speech, he described his body as "hurting everywhere except HERE" as he pointed to a small freckle on his right forearm.  He was obviously still suffering symptoms of a battered brain ie dizziness, speech and motor problems.  As a nurse, I knew there was no brain bandaid and nothing one could do unless his condition deteriorated.

So....we immediately began a regimen designed to support a healing brain.  Of course, that involved alcohol (but not for him!).  We did a lot of chatting and catching up of life's activities, eating out, movies, sleeping in, pool time and reading.  Periodically, I assessed him by asking him "What state are you in now?" and "Who is the current President?"  Being a wiseguy, he would purposely give Ridiculous answers (Wisconsin, Harding).  As the week wore on, it was evident that his condition was improving.

On Saturday morning, he found his tongue swelling and started to have trouble speaking.  He quickly realized that a tooth had broken producing a razor sharp edge that was cutting his tongue.  I began the search for an "emergency" walk-in dentist on a weekend as far away as Lakeland.  Short story: "Don't have a dental emergency on a weekend!"

Bro had quite a long time to await his flight departure and wandered over to the Airport Marriott to loiter and ogle women.  He meandered his way to a corporate convention that had vacated a meeting room.  There he found an appetizing array of food tempting him to Eat!  Being a hefty fellow, he succumbed to the siren song of a great roast beef hoagie with side salads.

Mid-chomp, in walks a lady with a clipboard and asks him if he is a member of the group.  Savoring what might be his last morsel as a free man, he swallowed and replied "Why, yes M'am... I am a member of the universe of man".  He is a wiseguy but has a charming manner with women and was not immediately reported to Security.

Making a clean getaway, he continued his exploration of the Marriott while digesting his stolen hoagie and found the rooftop pool.  My bro loves pools almost as much as his kitty kat (he is a kitty shelter volunteer and loves cats!)  The entrance to the pool was through the Men's Dressing Room which was locked.  The area was deserted.  Spotting a large fake plant grouping, he quickly stripped off his street clothes and donned his swimshorts.  Poolside with one of his magazines "Mental Floss", he remained amused and wet for several hours until time to go to the gate.

Later that day, my sister made the obligatory phone call to announce she had arrived home safely and reported that a curious announcement came over the PA system as they were taxiing to the gate in San Francisco:  "This is your Captain.  We are NOT approaching the gate; the plane will be towed in".  Before anyone could say "Whaaaaa?", four storm-trouper type US marshalls burst through the door and roughly handcuffed and removed 4 male passengers.  In shocked silence, the passengers were deplaned midfield and hiked to the gate.

End of blood pressure control!

We just got some terrific news from my brother's son (Lucas); he will be married to his longtime ladylove (Laura) in Savannah in November, so we will all be getting together at that time for more family frolics and learn about our new and improved blended inlaw family!  Laura will bring some much-needed class to the Pfaff Pfamily. So exciting!

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