Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Hair Day in Cape Coma

The Best thing about having dull grey hair is that I want to color it and, to do that, I get to visit my friend and hairdresser, Jill, in Cape Coma!  Of course, the trip to the Cape also gives me the chance to play with the PerkGirls.   Ordinarily, I'd bring the moho down and park it "wherever", but the 90 degree temps made that impossible.  (The moho is always much warmer than the exterior temp).  Fortunately, my pal, Kate said I could bunk with them.  Thanks Kate & Jack!

I always look forward to Hair Day, not only because my hair gets colored and cut, but because I get pampered and Jill always has some wine for me.  Also, it's a good excuse for my friends in the Cape to gettogether.  Here is my friend Jim who is leaving for Alaska in a few days in his brand new RV.  Too bad his mental image of me is this:

Jill is becoming in demand in Cape Coral as news of her hairstyling skill is travelling.  She also gave our friend, Kate, a major haircut.  She is saving her cut hair to sop up the oil spill.

Kate's hair looked outstanding when Jill got done; she has "Marilyn Monroe" platinum and naturally curly hair, so her style was "wash 'n wear".

Kate's husband, Jack, was feeling left out of the hair festivities, so he arrived later wearing a silly wig he got at some flea market.

The next day, the PerkGirls got together  for our special All Stars gathering, since I was "in town" and Theresa was getting ready to leave on her Hobo Vacation.  They sold their motorhome and she and Dennis are travelling by car around the US staying for short periods with friends.   She is taking Buddy and plenty of Snapple Peach Tea.

I returned home to Lake Wales to pursue my many home improvement projects.  They are:  replace heaved up unlevel concrete in part of my driveway so my stairs don't wobble and I (or anybody else) don't trip and fall, finding help with my ceiling paint and installing new flooring.  I finally found someone to do concrete and they have started the job.   They are a family business and the guy has been quite helpful to me.

I have selected the flooring source I will use and the field guy came out to measure.  I told him that I needed the ceiling painted before I could schedule the flooring job.  He immediately whipped out his cell phone and called his older brother (Andy) who is a painting contractor.    He told him to get out here and paint so he could get the floor done!   Andy told me he was booked and had only one day and didn't think he could do it in one day, so I offered to do all the trim and to be his apprentice.  He agreed!  I spent 9 hours today doing the cut-in work in the entire house and have only one room left to do.

I went to the community PotLuck dinner and Happy Hour on Friday, since everyone told me how great it was.  I had to look up on the internet "Potluck" since I had no clue what I could bring, and everyone cooks or bakes for the dinner which makes it so special.  I finally chose Harriet's specialty, Broccoli Salad.  Found a recipe with water chestnuts, bacon, toasted sunflower nuts and cranberries and it was delicious.  And I--Sue--actually prepared food!  Except for one small bowl, it was all eaten at the dinner.  In the background is my repainted cabinetry which turned out pretty good.

And, I travelled to the Potluck dinner in Golf Cart!  Not a new one, but a very nice '05 and garage kept.  Cassie and I go out ridin' at least once a day--she absolutely LOVES it!   The community has a large open field designated a Dog Park and I let her go off leash if there are no other dogs around.

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  1. I am so impressed with your Broccoli Salad...what dressing did you use? And a Golf're stylin'!