Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off to see the "Weiner of OZ"

The Weiner of OZ is the theme for the 13th annual Weiner Dog Race held in Buda, TX. 

This is the Official TeeShirt.

Weiners, (in case you are living in a cave) are small, low-riding, log-shaped dogs known as dachsunds.  The Festival is a Big Deal and dachsund-loving owners come from all over the US to enjoy the dachsund LoveFest and buy dachsund-designed accessories.

Here are some of my favorite tee shirts.  

Before the races began, I sniffed out the location of the Roast Corn.  As you can see, Cassie came along to this dog-friendly event, playing the part of the pampered princess that she is.

She got a lot of attention because she was NOT a weiner.  Apparently, even weiner-lovers suffer from weiner-fatigue.

Except for this pair; they were in the rescue booth and were trying to find homes for weiners.

Weiners everywhere!  Even the WeinerMobile was in attendance!

At 2pm, registered weiners excitedly gathered with their hopeful hoomans and the first race began.

Owners gathered at the finish line with toys, treats, shouting encouragement to the wee contestants.   Some weiners never left the gate, others decided to find a playmate and some just wandered.   About half the dogs in each of the preliminary races never got to the finish line.  Maybe next year...

Winners were documented with a Photo Finish.  This is serious!

This one's a clear weiner!


The races were a lot of fun, but my pals, Hal & Cheryl were'nt done wearing me & Cassie out yet!  (Last time I visited, we must have walked 27 miles along the Riverwalk!)  We went over to New Braunfels, had a ridiculously-delicious snack from a local bakeshop, toured the nearby college town where Hal oogled the young coeds lying on the riverbanks wearing minimal swim garments and then drove on to Landa Park, which was holding an annual Earth Day festival.

These Texans LOVE Festivals!

We took the miniature train to tour the park; Cassie was allowed to ride the train (that's her white head). 

All the little kids waiting for the train came over to pet Cassie and the parents took cell phone pics. 

The park is the prettiest park I have ever seen with many shallow streams, rivers and pools that are crystal clear.  The water comes from an aquifer that is icy cold and only baby-fat encased children can tolerate being in the water.  The entire park is shaded by old live oak trees.  

The scent of the many picnickers charcoal grilling was tantalizing.  So, we stopped on the way home to get a Texas Juicy Burger with amazing onion rings!

A Texas-sized Thank You to Hal and Cheryl for taking me into the Hill Country for the fun experiences and special sights.

I took this picture before I left because I was impressed by Cheryl and Hal's gardening in their back yard.  Cheryl gathered up 3 kinds of different lettuces to go in our salads and also some fresh herbs to dip our olive-oiled bread in for a wonderful spaghetti dinner (Cheryl, you outdid yourself!).  They also had two grape vines (one red and one green) growing that were heavy with grape clusters.

After a wonderful breakfast of sweet potato pancakes at LaPeep, I departed San Antonio.  I am sitting in the Sealy TX Walmart that has cheap diesel fuel.  It's about an hour west of Houston.  I'll leave at the "right" time to drive through Houston tomorrow morning--hopefully I'll hit a lull in traffic. 

Fun 'n fiestas are over but it was a wonderful visit with family and friends in Texas.  I should be back home late next week.


  1. OMG! How did I miss that Weiner festival?!

  2. It all just sounds like soooo much fun! Have a safe trip home.