Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trippin' to Texas

The MovinSueMobile is on a Road Trip!

It was a relatively easy getaway from Saddlebag for the first leg of my trip to San Antonio, TX.  I secured my stump lid, closed off the water and hid the blue reflector light (alerts the Trash Guys to presence of trash in the stump) and dashed off a Bon Voyage email to the Community Association.  Off I went!  And back I came!  I forgot to lock the sliding glass door and pull the window treatment shut.  OK, so off I go--again.

An hour later, I remembered that I had forgotten my cell phone charger.  Darn, but thank goodness it can receive a charge from my laptop while I have it tethered for internet!  Whew!

I always check my route carefully and even jot a note or two so I don't have to worry about going off route.  Unfortunately, I missed an exit, there was NO return exit and I had to go 5 miles to the next exit, turnaround and proceed 10 miles to the preceding exit.  So, 20 miles out of my way and 40 min later than necessary, I arrived at my friends, Barry and Sue and the kids, Cody and Leah.

And then it occurred to me that I had planned to bring something for my sister and our friend to enjoy in San Antonio but...forgot it.  I know exactly where it's packed.  I also know where my firearm is but forgot it too.  And I'm even legal to carry it since I just got my Concealed Weapons Permit in the mail!  Guess I'll use my finger...

Wow.  Am I losin' it or what?

I am presently in my RV at a FL rest stop near Tallahassee to walk Cassie, have some breakfast and watch the Sunday morning talking heads.   When I stopped, I saw that I had forgotten to strap my TV down and it had swung out over the cabover.  And, I didn't close the Fuel Door after I filled up last night and I guess it was just blowin' in the breeze for 100 miles.  Geez!  I hardly ever forget these kinds of things!  BTW--diesel fuel all over the map with prices-I have seen $3.31 on I-75 and I paid $2.96 at Walmart.  Seems to be averaging $3.09 and they are now charging 5 cents/gal to use credit.

I-75 was a parking lot yesterday until Lake City.  Florida's Turnpike was also a parking lot.  And you had to PAY TOLLS to sit in traffic on the Turnpike!  There was no accident or construction--I checked 511.   It was just...congested.

Thank goodness I was rested and well fed for that tedious drive.  My friends, Barry and Sue, fed me like royalty.     They are both creative gourmet cooks.  Sue made homemade chicken 'n dumplin's and  Disney waffle faces for breakfast and some of the coolest desserts "kid-style" .

Barry made an awesome paella (sp?).  It had gobs of lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams.  He used smoked turkey stock for the rice and it made the dish truly special.

Leah, who was kinda hidden in the dinner pic above, did her Betty Boop pose.

We also had pina coladas, wine and I had a new drink made with coffee tequila with splash of Half 'n Half.  It is called Padron and Sue bought me my own bottle for the trip.  Thanks, Sue!   Cody sent me off with snacks for my trip, including some organic fruit juice boxes and my favorite Sunchips.  He also wrote me a lovely note!

While there, I tried once again to fix my fresh water connection.  Without going into a lot of detail, it is a poor design but it is a common one with Class C mohos.   As a result, it is difficult to connect and water runs out constantly.  So, I have been cranking my brain to try to fashion a fix.  Barry came up with the answer!  He put a metal quick connector on the RV end, modified the door with a Publix plastic measuring tablespoon and VOILA!  It connects like a dream for a leak-proof connection.   And, the door locks to keep my water supply secure and keep road dirt out.

I am thrilled not to have to fight with the water thing anymore.  This is my access door locked with my little doggie RV key ring (doggie face & feet with an RV body).  Thank you again, Barry!

Guess I should git along down the road.  I Wallydocked last night and there was an RV nearby with 2 women selling or giving away puppies .   She had a poodle, a dachshund and 3 puppies I couldn't identify.

I may boondock again tonight; I have plenty of water, the weather is cool and there's a nice Cracker Barrel near my landing spot.  (I love CB's; they are always quiet and have lots of clean grass for Cassie to mess up.)  Since my cell phone gives me internet access, I need campgrounds even less than ever--however, I will  probably need a campground for my reality shows on Mon & Tues (24, AI) and will probably need fluid management.

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  1. Hey sis..I was gonna tell you something, but,,,uh, I forgot! Haha,,,just goofin on yer forgetfulness. See ya Friday (I'll call to remind you!)