Monday, April 19, 2010

Cowgirls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Texas Soup!  That's the weather predicted for the entire San Antonio area during the Fiesta, with overcast, rainy skies producing flash floods and traffic accidents and cancelled outdoor Fiesta events.   Not a pleasant scenario for the Cowgirls who collectively have travelled over 4K miles and spent a couple thou to enjoy the entirely outdoor Fiesta!   

Cowgirls, however, just wanna have fun and vowed to find a way.  

Knowing that it might rain on our parade and following my two day "Sit-Stay" in Luling  (due to the horrific weather and hazardous road conditions) I stopped in Seguin to stock up on cheap, fattening snacks and booze.   While there, I was witness to an attempted break-in of a car in front of the liquor store; as I was exiting, 2 boys ran by me with a group of people following in hot pursuit yelling for Police!    So, I made my own quick getaway and cautiously approached the schizophrenic San Antonio road system around noon, hoping that traffic would be calm.  I found my RV site and set it up in the driving rain.  An hour later, the sun appeared and I dashed outside for a pic, not knowing if I would see the sun again during my visit.

My sister, Sharon and our friend, Marilyn, arrived at the airport and drove right to the RV and we happily giggled and drank until 1am.   

The next day it was very stormy so we hunkered down inside the timeshare and went into "stealth mode" to bring Cassie inside with us---which is strictly against the rules!  In order to keep Cassie quiet, Sharon had thoughtfully brought some "doggie downers" which was a much stronger sedative than the natural herbal one I have been using.   However, it was necessary if we were going to be able to keep her quiet with us.

That day, we watched DVD rental movies gotten from the local McDonald's and drank mass quantities of tequila.  I did take a photo of the three of  us drinking margaritas but it is an unpublishable picture.  I passed out on the couch with Cassie who was already zonked...

Yesterday dawned sunny and gorgeous, so we drugged Cassie and stowed her in the RV while we went downtown to the Riverwalk and enjoyed our day.  It was so much fun.  We started out with a gondola ride.

The Texas Cavaliers, sponsors of the fund-raising parade, were setting up the Riverwalk with folding chairs for the special river parade.  These were all young, strong males in their 30's and 40's and watching them was a special treat!   This is the first time they have brought everyone down to the rivers edge to view the parade.

The Cowgirls stopped at a Riverfront refreshment establishment and rehydrated after the arduous gondola ride and cowboy gawking.

While there, we had some delicious Texas-sized margaritas.  

We also booked a table at the eating establishment from which we would have a complete dinner with appetizers, drink, entree and dessert, as well as an excellent seat for the parade!  This is a pic of our table area and the parade will float within feet of our view.  The ducks come right up the ramp for handouts and are very friendly.

After walking on our various aching joints for hours, we decided that it was time for a treat to get our strength back.  So, we stopped at the Marble Creamery, listened to a mexican-type music troupe while enjoying our ice cream.

Marilyn enjoyed her treat with a special zest and one wondered what added candy bits were blended into her chunk of ice cream.

Today is our "parade day" and the weather is holding.  They have predicted "Mostly Cloudy" but no rain.  And that is fine since the Parade is held at nighttime!

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