Sunday, June 4, 2006

Washington Cascades, Smallwood Market & La Conner

Enroute to the Cascades scenic trip, we stopped at a recommended specialty market--Smallwood Market.  

Cassie got to romp around and sniff, leaving a small pickup job for Frank.  

Smallwood Market is a specialty food experience and also has a pretty adjacent flower garden and atrium with holiday and craft decorations.  

We eagerly sampled the many snacks on display for tasting.

Our next stayover is at a 1000 trails preserve--La Conner.   We found a snug spot next to the Family Center near enough to receive in-coach wifi--yippee! 

This campground is quite lush and relaxing, and borders an Indian preserve.

There was a bald eagle nest in the nearby tree

The campground had a climbing wall set up for kids

and food in the Clubhouse for the Big Kids (strawberry shortcake-yum).

We celebrated Sue's birthday with an All-U-Can Eat Seafood dinner in the quaint town of LaConner, 

where Sue ate her fill of fresh, cracked Dungeness Crabs and Frank ate fresh-baked salmon.  

As we planned our departure out of our cozy spot, we noted that an adjacent camper parked their car partially on the roadway, hindering our ability to maneuver the Muthaship out of the site.  Rather than go knock on the door and ask the camper to move their car out of the road, Frank stubbornly tried to make the turn.  As a result, we got a booboo on the Muthaship from a tree stump hidden by forest growth.  Another repair job...

Stay tuned for more of Washington in the next update, following a family reunion with Sue's brother and sister near Bellingham

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