Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Washington--Coulee Dam

It so happened that our pals, Rick and Carol, were planning a visit to her father's house in a vicinity "near our route" so we planned to meet up with them to visit the Coulee Dam together.

We arrived ahead on a somewhat dreary day and stopped at the dam site.

 All the gates were opened which is unusual!

Checked into our "spot" in the campground, which looked out onto the river.  It was kinda rainy and we were glad the parking surface was gravel.

Sorry, Cassie -you have to stay inside until the ground dries off a little bit.

 Finally, our friends Rick and Carol arrived. 

After going uptown to a small bar for some belly-bustin' tacos, we departed for the nightly FREE laser show at the dam

These two always look like they're "up to something".

The dam was an unworldly display all lit up at night.  The gates remained "all open" which made for an even more exciting sight!

The laser show was awesome; good thing we had plenty of beverages to keep us warm!

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