Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Since Summer of 2013

Since "Summer of 2013"

Since I last blogged in 2013, a few things happened--mostly bad, I'm afraid.  Forgive me; this post won't be so entertaining.   Blogging sometimes acts as a "Dear Diary".

The situation in my community in Lake Wales, FL--Saddlebag Lake Resort-continued its downward spiral into chaos.  The elected representatives are controlled by an abusive and secretive Management Company--and all are in cahoots with a commercial business which has trespassed on common property in violation of County Land Planning and the Deed Restrictions.  Additionally, this Terrible Trio attempted to force upon all owners a mandatory assessment for the benefit of this business and its investors.  All hell broke out, but the Members defeated the attempt in an election and the corruption was held at bay.  Unfortunately, many believe that this greedy and obnoxious group will attempt it again next year.

The second thing that happened is that my lawsuit was filed in Polk County.  Of course, I got a lot of propaganda flack and hatred directed at me by the Board and Management company--sewing fear and confusion among owners about the "Armageddon" coming to the community because of my lawsuit.  This hate campaign  makes living in the community temporarily uncomfortable but is inevitable and ya gotta roll with it.

To counter some of the misrepresentation and to further factual communication about ALL issues in the community, I set up a Forum for Residents to share and discuss information.  Needless to say, that makes me a target, too--so I have a target painted on BOTH my cheeks!

Another bad thing happened; my friend, Kate, who I have been friends with since 1974 and is my age, died suddenly of a treacherous lung cancer.  She was a non-smoker and her friends were shocked.  It overcame her in less than 2 months and her friends are still in shock.  RIP Kate.

Then around Thanksgiving, my nephew, Drew, was suddenly sickened with a violent and painful condition.  Admitted to a small local hospital, he remained undiagnosed despite two robotic consultations by experts in SanFrancisco.  He was subsequently hospitalized several times for excruciating pain and remained burdened with debilitating fatigue and rapid and extreme weight loss.  After conducting a huge battery of tests by a specialist in Sacramento, a presumed diagnosis was reached, though there had never been a patient at his age (33) with the diagnosis and he is somewhat of a medical mystery.  Drew is now making plans to relocate to Sacramento be near his specialist and high-tech hospitals.

A good thing, however, did happen!  My sister, Sharon, who has been in a miserable marriage for many years, found  a friend!  I am so happy for her.  She visited me in Florida (from California) and seemed like a new woman, having lost weight and shopped for fashionable clothing!

The other good news is that I have many very good old and new friends in Saddlebag who help me keep my head screwed on straight and are lotsa fun.  If I am lucky-and I often am- friends will invite me out to dinner or over to their homes for some hot food occasionally.  Most of you know I am a hazard around heated appliances in the kitchen due to 1. disinterest and 2. inattention of the various tasks of food preparation so I rarely use heat devices.

So, all this bad news fills in the times since my last Blog.  Wish it was better but as they say "Nobody promised you a rose garden".

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