Friday, May 16, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park..a sweet interlude

Rocky Mountain National Park...a sweet interlude

Realizing that I had a drop-dead date to meet the Girls for our Yellowstone holiday, I planned my trip with 2 extra days.  Normally, I plan some extra time, even if there is no schedule, to account for weather or unexpected diversions.

As it happened, the trip was trouble-free and the weather was lovely.   Cassie seemed unusually calm; perhaps that's because I started giving her tiny doses of Xanax.   Even the lovebugs were not as bad this year as in the past!  So, I found myself in Colorado with 2 extra days.  

I called my friends in Denver to see if they were up for some company but they were out of town.  Sorry to miss you guys but "who knew?"

So, I stopped to get my favorite "everything" large Pizza Hut pizza with the cheese inside the crust and got on my smartphone to find cabins that would take dogs near Rocky Mountain NP!

After several fruitless calls, two things were apparent:  1.  It was very late to get rezzies in most vacation cabins in a resort area at "my" reasonable price and 2. It was ridiculous trying to find one that would take a dog.

So, I called the Tourism people and they give me a list.  The first one on the list was McGregor's cabins about 1 mile from one of the Park entrances--and that is the one I booked for 2 nights!

They waived the stiff Pet Fee and were able to get me to my price comfort level.

I was greeted by an enthusiastic fella named Chris and Starbuck the Dog.

After signing up for a private jacuzzi later that afternoon, I retired to a relaxed sunnap on the nearby patio overlooking the continental divide.  Being in the heart of the Rockies, in the warm sunshine with a brewsky, is nearly paradise!

I was told that 30" of snow was dumped on the area the previous weekend so I used some leftover snow to keep my beer icy cold.

My little cabin is in the background.

Ahhhh...private jacuzzi with mountains in the picture window.  Just the medicine for achy driving muscles!

This is a photo from an old fashioned camera self-timer.  IT IS NOT A SELFIE!  (loathing that term)

Later, I made my first real fire and settled down on the LazyBoy recliner for some wifi and daydreaming about visiting the mountains the next day.

The entry road into Rocky Mountain NP.

The early stretch has a no-stopping section designed to protect big horn sheep crossing to the ponds on the other side of the road.

The day was mostly sunny with scattered showers and I met hungry roadside elk as I entered.

The sun soon emerged and I spent most time in the beautiful valley. Tthere are lots of unmarked side roads to explore.  This one took me to Beaver Meadows.

There, I let Cassie run off leash, as it was deserted of traffic and animals (no beaver in sight) and there was lots of smells for her to check out.

Next day, I went up the mountain, hoping that the weather would be sunny and clear--and it was.

Found a relatively clean snowdrift for Cassie to squiggle in (squiggle= wiggle + squirm)

She was already dirty and due for a bath, but after the squiggle session she was wet and dirty.

Finally arrived as close to the summit as permitted by roads --over 2 miles high.  I was breathless merely walking from the lack of oxygen.

Ridge Road had not yet opened.  I was following one of the snowplows up the mountain on their way to clear the road.

My next stop--unknown.  Near Yellowstone but far enough away to avoid tourist rip-off.

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