Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yellowstone..and Beyond-Part V

Yellowstone..and Beyond-Part V

The girls parted ways on Saturday morning for their next destinations.  Sharon & I began our trip back to Rio Dell, CA via Teton National Park.

I want to give a special shout-out to Theresa--who owns the motorhome that all four of us + Cassie toured the park in during the day and messed up at night!  She did a lot of driving and stocked the essentials for lunches.  Theresa also acquired the campfire wood and managed the evening campfires.  Theresa's generosity and patience with "the girlsl + Cassie" for 5 days was very much recognized and appreciated!

Teton Mountain Range is the most beautiful and picturesque of any I have ever seen.

Cassie loves to sniff the mountain wildlife smells.

Sharon and I stayed in a log cabin in Pinedale, WY enroute to our I-80 connection.

The Log Cabin is a historic landmark and was restored and rehabbed for guests.

They welcome dogs with a Doggy Bag with a coverlet for the bed quilt, treats, wastebags and a water bowl.

Sis and I enjoy cocktails on our porch.

About an hour out of Pinedale heading for Rock Springs and I-80, Sharon and I were busily brainstorming a problem when she became aware of lights behind us.  Colored lights.  State Trooper. Speeding.  We schmoozed a bit and he gave us a warning.  Whew!

About a half hour later, my fuel light came on.  My sister freaked because when her 2007 Prius fuel light comes on, it is an empty gas tank within a few miles.  I can go around 40 miles.  However, we were in Wyoming on SR191 with no civilization in sight.  For miles. 
Here is what it looked like.

My GPS showed our mileage to Rock Springs and "Miles to Empty" on my Prius that we could possibly reach Rock Springs but it would be dicey.

When we caught a cell signal, I nervously decided to pull off the road and call Toyota Road Assistance in a town called Reliance, WY.  It was town without a gas station.  I asked Road Assistance to find me a gas station nearby and found out there was one only 3 miles away so we headed back out into the bush.  We had cell phone service and made it the 3 miles.  Whew!  That's just too much excitement for one day!

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