Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yellowstone -Part III

Yellowstone - Part III

Another gorgeous day in Yellowstone!  The weather was diamond-sunny and the air crisp and piney-fresh.

Sharon and I went for our usual coffee and internet and finally spotted the bison moms and babies:

Baby bison approaching for a meal.

Beware Momma--the bulls are nearby:

 Newly-birthed baby elk.

On Day Three we were forced to change sites; we had originally thought we would move the rig to Mammoth in the far north of the park for 2 nights; however, we were so happy in Madison that we decided to stay.  We did not realize that the approaching season would complicate our camping lives.  All the campgrounds were reserved and full!  However, the Park personnel found us a spot so we gathered up our stuff and moved to a new site.  Though we were unfortunately close to the Volunteers' service area, we were treated to super-clean, cozy-heated and lavender-vanilla scent filled bathrooms.

After the Speed Move, the girls headed out to discover more Yellowstone--today to Mammoth and Lamar Valley.  The streams, rivers and waterfalls were overfull from plentiful mountain run-off and waterfowl seemed happy to put on a show for us.  Theresa screeched the RV to a stop whenever we spotted humans with ridiculously-long camera lenses.

We encountered "safari's" from over a 100 miles away who were tracking a mated pair of rare species of duck (harlequin) that had been spotted.  These ducks like fast-moving water and we wondered how they weren't swept away by the swift river current.

We saw no bears or moose though I spoke with some folks who did see a moose mom and her twins in Teton immediately south of Yellowstone.  They also saw momma grizzly bear and cub at an elk kill in Teton.

The girls made the mandatory visit to Old Faithful and the new Visitor Center. 

Thirsty, we snagged a young buck bartender at the Old Faithful Lodge. This might explain the silly grins on our faces.

We checked out the iconic Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which was actually tricky to find.  We pulled into at least 6 overlooks before finding "The One".  The road is a big loop around the canyon but the signs are pretty lame.

After our extended canyon search, a nice bystander took our group photo; Sharon is steadying my dip to my knees for the pic.

Cassie was super-excited to see all the sights from the comfort of Pat's "pillow lap".
The girls, weary from their travel in the park, finally returned back "home" for a burger dinner over the campfire.  Later, we roasted marshmallows slathered with various forms of chocolate.  Yum-O.

Princess Cassie awaits leftover Burger Bites.

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