Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Exploring Yellowstone NP-Part II

Exploring Yellowstone NP-Part II

Since we have no hookups at the campground, it was easy to just UP and GO in the motorhome and have all the amenities of "home" available.  It was more expensive to run the rig, but much nicer than everyone crowding in the Prius.

Cassie also had access to her crate--her safe place.

Stops on the itinerary included geologic and thermal features and pretty scenic overlooks.  Yellowstone was "eye candy"-sunny, clear and lush and the park had plenty of parking pullouts for gawking and photos.

In the middle of nowhere, Sharon takes a call from her Park Manager about park shenanigans.

All that  beauty made the girls hungry, so we found a picnic spot for some lunch.  We were observed by several chipmunks, an ominous, Stephen King-ish black bird perched in a treetop overlooking us--and one predatory white, fuzzy dog.

We enjoyed campfire-worthy weather--and are thrilled to have no rain, wind or cold weather to enjoy another evening of Girl Chat by the fire!

Cassie eyeballed her Treat Jar.

Treat Jar and all food was carefully secured from marauding bears and wily coyotes.


  1. Hi Sue,
    I'm traveling north on highway 97 thru Washington state and just wanted to thank you for your campsite reviews on! I hate paying big bucks for an 8 hour place to sleep - and just recently found the freecampsites site.
    Thanks again for taking the time to review so many places!

  2. Hi Sue I am hear in N.J. ..Wishing I was somewhere else but it will soon be over..Great to hear from you ..Glad to see you and sister Sharon are enjoying yourself..I want Sharon to know I did not forget her..LOL ..Enjoy and please keep me posted