Friday, May 30, 2014

Yellowstone Lakes-Part IV

Yellowstone Lakes-Part IV

Our final day in Yellowstone dawned sunny and pristine-pretty.  By this time--Day 4--, we were NOT pristine.  We started to want a shower.  There are no showers in the campgrounds and the only practical solution is a towellete touch up or a navy shower in the moho.  Since there was not enough hot water to make even navy showers practical for 4 women, we made do with touchups.

                                                                                                            Our plan for seeing the park was the West Thumb region and Yellowstone Lake.
After appreciating awesome lake views--frozen and unfrozen--we claimed our spot near Lakeside Inn for lunch in the moho.  It was windy and chilly at lake's edge.

At the ParkStore veranda, which was sheltered from the lake wind, the weather felt quite warm and we enjoyed ice cream.  My sis bought a book on Yellowstone Catastrophe's and Nightmares--a compilation of disasters describing in great detail past tourist deaths by grumpy bears, pissed off bison and unfortunate photos taken at canyons' edge.

Cassie patiently watches ice cream girls and hopes for a few licks.

Finally, Sweet Success!

The Girls at Lakeside

Sisters Theresa and Pat

Cassie and Sharon share a tender moment.

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