Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rousted in Flagstaff!

It was a very pleasant drive day across New Mexico headed for Flagstaff AZ for my "turn north".

I love the west with the Indian casinos everywhere;  most now have RV parks on their property and will practically give away your RV site to get you into the casino.  So, I was compelled to go get a Dancing Eagle Player's Card and play video poker so I could get my site half off-$10!   Additionally, they give me a voucher for $10 worth of fuel, so the cost was a wash.

Arrived Flagstaff in the evening, having driven a very long day to make up some time I lost.  I have never liked Flagstaff; they are not RV friendly at all.  None of the Walmarts permit you to stay overnight and the Cracker Barrel does not even have RV/Bus parking!  (This is reportedly because of the active political involvement of local RV parks because it is a "touristy" area-they demand their $50 camping fee!)  So, I knew it was going to be a challenge going "stealth" for the night.   And, it was.  

I found what I thought was an independent parking lot adjacent to a shopping mall.   I found out otherwise when I awoke to a male voice calling "Hello", knocking on my RV and a flashing red light!  Not to mention Cassie barking her fool head off!  He was quite good looking and very polite.  We had a nice chat through the window and he told me how much his job sucked and that his boss would fire him if he didn't make me move.   He told me where to park nearby.  So, now I don't hate Flagstaff as much.

The drive up 89 north leaving Flagstaff was perfect--weather great and no traffic.  Turned into a pullout to walk Cassie and met two guys there that had a flat tire on their boat.  I hung out while they worked and they were familiar with the area I was headed so they gave me some suggestions.

Stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam before leaving Arizona behind and it was shut-my-mouth awesome!

My next campground was a Passport that was a "church" camp back in the boonies where retreats are held.  

I was not expecting to travel 2 miles on a poorly-signed gravel road off the main road back into the bush!   However, it was a really nice camp with modern amenities including wifi.  However, I could not get even one TV station!   They had a very large shower room so I took Cassie in with me for a shower since she found some deer poop to roll in.  There was a herd of deer that "hung out" in the campground.  I stayed for 2 nights instead of just one because the wind was ferocious.

On the day I left camp, I planned to take a Scenic Hiway 14 to Cedar Breaks (which is a little like a mini Bryce Canyon except some say it is even more colorful).  However, I had failed to note that Utah is not yet "totally open" in mid-May; in fact, I am about a week or two early for their season.  Soon after getting on the road and began to go up the mountain, I saw snow.  And then More Snow.  One of my stops was to be Navajo Lake--it was frozen over.  I made the turn on the road to the lake and there, facing me in a big snowdrift was a snowplow and no more road.  So, I had a make a U-we.

I had a feeling which was soon validated--the road to Cedar Breaks was closed.  

I had to turn back...

But, before I did, a car rolled into the clearing I was parked on.  It was two elderly folks who were looking for a Visitor Center to use the facilities.  But, everything was still closed!  She explained she was on water pills.  I offered my bathroom in the rig and they both used it and we had a nice chat.  

He took a photo of me 'n Cassie.

I headed back over the mountain and found a nice spot for lunch overlooking a lake. 

Next stop--Bryce Canyon National Park.


  1. You are really getting adventureous! Cute pic of you and Cassie.

  2. Bet you thought you were gonna be traveling in almost late spring, not almost still winter! Sharon is right, that is a cute picture!

  3. I'm enjoying every bit of your trip - keep those cards & letters coming