Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Power Pimp my RV!

I didn't anticipate a week stopover to Pimp my RV and treat Cassie to the joys of living in a shopping cart...but here I be in Hammond LA!  Actually, the good news is that I am leaving this morning--my 6th day!

My new best RV Guru, Big Bill, (regrettably, Sam has been replaced) approached me in the Customer Lounge with a long, unhappy face.  He was trailing my Service Advisor, who looked like he would prefer to be anywhere but leading the Big Bill to me.  I knew the minute I saw them together headed in my direction that this was not gonna be good.

And, it wasn't.

After assuring me he could pimp my RV to provide me power, he described several issues (tekkies like the term "issues" rather than "problem").  All non-factory installed wiring was left "exposed" to road hazards.  Wiring was too small for current and not shielded.  No Fuse on the 100W inverter.  The wiring was fed into the converter from the inverter.  (If you only knew how ridiculous that is--it creates a mega energy loop that can fry anything in the circuit, overheat it and spontaneously cause a fire.)

They would not let me leave unless I got it fixed or signed a Waiver of Liability.  They said they couldn't be liable nor could they expose the manufacturer to the botched aftermarket wiring job, which could result in fire.   They won't even let me stay in the RV overnight.

So obviously this is not going to be covered by a Manufacturer's Warranty.

I called the RV dealer that I bought the unit from and reported the situation to the Service Dept believing that it is better to involve them in the drama while I have the experts "on hand".  No surprises down the road and I can shortcut the usual self-righteous pout "Why didn't you call us?".  By this time, with my "luck" with RV's, I know the routine and always call early in the disaster process. 

Turns out my Service Advisor had worked for Dixie RV for over 10 years.  Despite setting a pleasant and neutral tone, she soon became defensive.  I reassured her that the technicians would be emailing all the photos of the wiring before they fixed it and would be glad to speak with her.  

During all this, the weather started turning foul and Cassie sensed nearby thunder and started acting like an idiot.  So I had to go get some Doggie Downers from my rig which was in the shop.  She "went postal" and jumped out of the shopping cart and started running around in a panic because I was out of sight.  I finally rounded her up and drugged her ass.  Sleeping peacefully now...aahhhh.

So, I am staying at the only dive within 5 miles that will take a pet.  At least they have Cable TV (Wow-reruns of Sex & The City!) and free Wifi.  My Service Advisor here, a nice guy named CJ, drove me to the motel and picked me back up!  What a relief that was!   Note the heavy-lidded look on Cassie, who is still under the influence of the calming medicinals I gave. 

Note to Self:  Next time-pack a Wood's light...  

All of which brings me to the final footnotes in this misadventure.  I am now confident that my RV electrical situation is safe and I ran it last night and everything works great!  Big Bill, Master Power Pimp of my RV,  took over 20 photos and wrote a significant narrative describing the condition of the wiring job.  I am told that it will be very sufficient documentation to justify my claim of almost $2200.  That amount does not include the $5 Footlong from Subway.

At my next stop, Paragon Casino in Marksville, LA, I will prepare the money part of my claim and send it along to my Baaaaad Dealer.  I have to make changes in my itinerary since I have lost 5 1/2 travel days.   I have laundry to do.  I have a small donation to make to the casino.  Cassie needs a bath.  I am past due for some fun!


  1. OH YEAH, NOW I remember why WE SOLD OUR RV.

  2. Poor, poor pitiful you! And poor drugged little Cassie! Hopefully you've got the bugs worked out of the new RV now. You are one courageous little broad hitting the road in an RV for yet another cross-country trip. Ain't nothin' gonna stop Movin' Sue!

    Donna in chilly Milwaukee

  3. Looks like you are geared up for another road adventure! And it is good that you overhauled your RV. This will make sure that your motorhome is in good condition while on the road. You have to check every mechanical and electrical detail to avoid ending up in the middle of the nowhere with a broken down RV. But I’m sure Big Bill did a fine job! Keep us posted on your adventures!

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