Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is a "realtime" post from Springlake, UT just south of Provo.  I'm posting ahead the blog about my canyon visit.

Rewind to my exit out of the canyons into Torrey, UT which is the gateway community to Capitol Reef National Park.  It was sunny and mild in the canyons but, by the time I arrived in Torrey, the weather began to get nasty and freezing cold.  So, I decided to get a campground for the night.  It was a farm converted into a "horse camp" and I had a horses about 50 ft away (you can just see part of horse in the next photo). 

With internet access and TV, I learned that the weather was going to get much worse...and stay that way for a long time.  

So, I decided to decide in the morning whether or not to venture into the National Park for a quick peek and then skeedaddle. 

Well, it was not a hard decision as I awoke in the early AM hours with snowballs and hail banging on my roof.  And, at daylight, this was the view out my RV.

It was REALLY COLD and I was glad I had my little fireplace heater with me.

The weather forecasts became more dire and the current day (Weds) was going to be the best until it cleared (maybe) on Saturday for one day.  So, I decided to get out of the bush and head for Salt Lake City.   Otherwise, I would be stuck in "nowhere Torrey" with the ridiculously exhorbitant RV park rates due to their proximity to Capitol Reef NP.

Here is the road shortly after leaving Torrey, UT

And further...

and at the summit around 8400 ft...

and here are my white knuckles during the long 8% grade descent... (usual grades are 5-7%)

I guess I don't have to say that I was scared *less!

All I wanted by the time I got off the mountain was a stiff drink.  Unfortunately, I still had more driving to do back into civilization.  I spent the night at the Cracker Barrel in Springlake, UT.  I was outta wine.

While there, I realized I was going to have to drastically change my travel plans as northern Utah (my next travel route) was almost impassible until Sat.  Indeed, this entire area, including SW Wyoming (Teton & Yellowstone) was socked in with rain and snow for at least the next week.  There was talk of flooding in Salt Lake City on the news.

Now, I am in a campground called East Bay RV Park in Springlake UT with Cable TV, Wifi, lending library of books and DVD's.  It backs up to the mountains which you can't even see because of the low-hanging clouds.

Oh, and I finally hit the rarely found State Utah Liquor & Wine Store and replenished my spirits.  (It looks like a LOT more than there really is because of the mirror).

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  1. Sue:

    Sounds like you are having a great adventure but do be careful. Did you check the calendar to verify that it really was May? Who would have anticipated weather like this when it is darn near summer.

    Keep the new entries coming. I am sure Frank is very proud of you!


    Mike (marlinmstr)