Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Tuna Connection

Can't miss the Edgewood, NM connection to visit the Tuna Family--Richard (Tuna), Laura, Theresa and Christopher.   

Tuna is a nickname from way back in Key West, where he fished and did what the crazy Conks do.  He and Laura met and married "late" in life and started a new family together.

 They always welcome me with open arms and even Theresa kicks up a fuss at having to go to school when she really wants to stay home and visit with Aunt Sue.  

Christopher could give a hoot who Aunt Sue is but still whispers my name.  His favorite thing is draping across Dad's lap and having his po-po patted.

On arrival, Tuna tried to get me hooked up to household 15amp so I could keep my fridge/lights on.  Put on my dogbone adapter and it blew a circuit.  Tried another outlet--blew that one too!  Tried another adapter.  No go.  Hmmmm.....looks like there is more to the RV electric story.  

So, Tuna went and got a 30 amp fuse and installed it in his fusebox.  Plugged it in and Whammm!  Big POP!  Poor Tuna!  Poor Me!  So, we cried Uncle and I emptied my fridge and got my flashlight out.  

While in Albuquerque, Tuna suggested I take the RV to the big Forest River dealer there that he had dealt with--Myers RV.  I gave them 3 things on my Honey Do List.  They fixed my biggest headache which was my dump valve.  It was not closing properly, permitting waste to accumulate behind the end cap.  Of course, when I removed the end cap...Whoosh/ can guess some of the words I used...  Under warranty--cost $0.  Soap to wash out my mouth--$.79.

I also asked them to check out the electric and they said electric is fine but my microwave didn't work (it worked before so that must have been the Big Pop).  No biggie--I don't use the microwave THAT much (oatmeal and popcorn).  However, oatmeal and popcorn is a significant proportion of my diet, so I stopped at Walmart and got a mini which I will return when I get back and let the dealer handle the microwave under warranty.   Temporary cost $50.

Third thing was I couldn't get cable TV.  Unlike every other RV I have ever owned, when the cable is connected, it substitutes for the antenna source.   This one had to be reconfigured in the TV setup menu!  Cost me $50.  I felt better when the tech showing me how to do it said HE had trouble figuring it out.

So, like every other RV I have owned, I am spending the "first year" fixing the stuff that should have been done right by the factory in the first place!

While my RV was in the shop, I had the whole living room, the TV and a queen aerobed for myself (except when the kids were using the bed as a trampoline).  Cassie was not a happy camper; those of you who know Cassie know she is not good around children and she is becoming grumpier with age in general.

While there, Tuna took me to a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Old Town in downtown Albuquerque.  It was the Church Street Cafe and we sat in the outdoor dining area under shade trees and a nearby water fountain and birds standing by for bits of tortillas. 

I had a great time visiting; Laura was off work with a sinus infection so I got to visit with her more than usual.  

Tuna treated me to a visit to his art studio so I could see the paintings he has done since my last visit.   His subject matter is Native American spiritual.

I love hearing him relate his inspirations for his paintings.  He gifted me with one of his works; which I especially admired from last year.  It is of a Warrior Angel who has fallen in battle and is dying.   Richard, thank you SO much for this wonderful piece which I have admired from the first time I saw it! 

Finally, the New Mexico HellWinds died down, RV came out of the shop, Tuna's electric system in ruins, and aerobed deflated and repacked, I departed for points west.   This is Theresa waving goodbye as she scoots to catch her bus.

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