Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coming Home

I arrived home Monday night (yesterday) after an uneventful drive on I-10.  The drive was only punctuated by the annoying "Thwap-Clunk" of the pavement panels in sections of the interstate.

Prior to arriving, I stopped at Lazy Days RV Supercenter to check out the new Pulse diesel RV's.

I got 2 complimentary nights at their partner campground during which my salesman totally disappeared.   I helped my self to looking at all the nice new motorhomes and decided that an imbecile must have designed the moho I was curious about.

I had a great time while there as my next door neighbors took me to the high-fallutin' Crown Club with them to eat meals.  You have to spend at least a quarter million dollars on a moho to be a member of that exclusive Club.  Their private upscale campground was packed so my neighbors had to park next to the likes of me!

Next, I went to my RV Dealer to await the service appointment that I had previously scheduled.   While there, I noted that the original RV that I wanted to buy back in June was still on the lot and had been reduced another $5K.  You can guess the rest...

Here is my new RV that I will pick up Sat.  Unlike my current "ailing" gas engine which only got 8 mpg, this new diesel will get "up to 21 mpg", will be tricked out with all new tires, 24V of battery power (usual is 12V), a 32" LCD TV made by the only manufacturer that designs LCD's for mobile applications and several other little goodies!

It is nice to "come home" but the meaning of that is changed.  My home is just a house without Frank.  My homecoming was about reuniting with my friends, the PerkGirls and my neighbors who helped me maintain my home during my long absence.  Joey did an incredible job with the pool and it looked better under his care than I have seen it in years.  My neighbors Jill & Floyd gathered up my mail and Kate and Jack "kept an eye" on the property.   The Perkers met at our namesake restaurant, Perkins, and had a happy reunion today.  

A huge Thank You to you--you relieved me from the worry of leaving the property unattended for so long and gave me the freedom to have my travel experiences.  And, welcomed me back after 3 months as if I had only been gone a week!


  1. Your new RV is absolutely gorgeous and sounds just wonderful. You may have to find someplace warm to travel to, for a trial run, really soon! We'll be hoping to see it in person, next year!

    We've loved your blog, by the way! Special hello to Cassie. :)

    Anne, Bill, and Murphy


  2. A new RV! How cool is that! So glad you have arrived home...see ya on-line.