Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Camper!

Tuesday I was startin' to feel a bit lonely.  Everyone at my "end" of the park had departed and my RV was all alone with the Trash Bin--my only company being the pre-dawn visitation of the City Trash Dumpster.

So, I phoned the RV Reservations people to see if I could get an upgraded site to electric.  I had been running my generator nearly constantly to have have TV and computer Wifi and it was making me sick between the gas exhaust and the noise.  (My inverter is NOT working--another story which I shall pursue with the RV Dealer who installed it).

Apparently the Reservations people were out doing something more important and have still not returned my call.  So, I hiked the 1/2 mile up to the Registration Booth to inquire in person.  The lady there "knew nothing" and said to check with the Volunteer Parkers.   

The Volunteer Parkers are ole geezers who enjoy running around in Golf Carts and being "in charge" of something.  Anyway, I asked the Head Geezer "Matt" and he said he couldn't do anything and to check back at the end of the day.   (The old Brush Off; hmmm, looks like I am losing "it"...)

So, in the meantime, I gave Cassie a bath on the HitchHaul carrier, since there was nobody around to tell me not to and tried not to breathe gas exhaust and failing that, just took a nap.  Geez, only 3pm--so what does a girl do but pour a glass of wine?

Finally, it's 5:30p and again I hike the 1/2 mile to the Ole Geezer Parking Lot.  I found one named "Todd", who had a sparkle in his eye and an engraved Name Pin on his hat.  He took me in his golf cart and helped me relocate to a fairly bad site at the end of the row with 20amp electric service.  This site was too unlevel and "small" to get a big rig Todd winked and said "Enjoy and don't worry about the Front Office"!   He said only if there was some kind of emergency would I have to move back to Standard (no electric).

I was surrounded  by worker staff and while out with Cassie one night, peeked inside the most unusual RV's I have ever seen.  It houses 7 young men who were gathered in every nook drinking beer and rippling their muscles.  There were 3 compartments with up/down bunks and apparently a private cubbie.  I think one person might sleep in the cab. 

So, I am a Happy Camper with electric and water.  Natch, my water is still leaking though not as badly as it did before Sharon's son, Drew, partially fixed the problem.  See the red arrow with my puddle.

Now, it is Thursday morning and a glorious day!  It looks very likely that the Special Shapes Balloon GlowDeo is going to take place tonight as scheduled.  I got up early, fixed the gourmet coffee my brother gave me, cooked eggs and fake Morningstar sausage, showered and took my warm blanky and camera out to watch the Ascension of the Special Shapes.  It was spectacular!

I am dedicating this pic to Frank's godson Cody and his sister Leah, who are both very interested and knowledgeable about the Space Shuttle.  "They" say that the Shuttle Balloon was not able to lift off last year for some technical reason so it was a special treat to see the shuttle balloon fly!  That's Chiquita Banana Lady next to the Shuttle.

Here's another of my favorites--the cactus wearing shades!

I returned to the RV to see how Cassie was doing; I couldn't find her at first!  She had hidden in the shower where she apparently felt safe from the whooshing sounds that the propane burners make as they fly overhead.  I had previously given her some herbal tranquilizer so she seemed pretty relaxed--though wet from pooled water (I'm not level!) from my morning shower.

And, the whooshing sounds were very close!  A total of 3 balloons landed inside the RV campground very near to where we were parked!

This Cowboy pilot nearly nailed a parked car.

This one "just missed" this owner's brand-new rig!
This WonderBread balloon just kept bouncing around looking for a spot; I wonder where some of these pilots are getting their flying licenses.


  1. Yo- Sue, Heads UP! Watch for falling balloons. If we had a brand new dream rig, we wouldn't get it near that place! Hope tonight's GlowDeo is worth waiting for!

  2. That "special" RV with lots of young guys looks like something that used to be in the Park, beer drinking included. The balloons look awesome floating above but kinda scary landing so close.Poor Cassie!

  3. I just talked to Sue on the phone and she and I want to know who "Annonymous" is who has been posting comments on Sue's prior blogs. Enquiring minds want to know! Please show yourself, Annonymous.