Monday, October 12, 2009

New Mexico Rocks

I LOVE New Mexico!   It has a softness and dreaminess that I have come to love during the two weeks I have been here.

I am now in Edgewood, about 30 miles east of ABQ at Tuna & Laura's home.  The view of the mountains is spectacular!

As I travelled the unpaved gravel road to their home, which is quite remote, I saw all family members (except 1 yr old Christopher) outdoors to greet my arrival.    I first encountered Lil Tee who is a beautiful young girl anxious to help me get parked and directed me to the correct gated entry. 

I parked on a nice level gravel area and hooked up to electric right next to their home.  They are see lots of wildlife in the backyard all the time.

Setting up my RV,  I opened my screen door and was soon visited by the pitter-patter of chipmunks scrambling across the roof of the RV.   Shortly thereafter, I heard an unusual singsong whistle.   Thinking that perhaps Lil Tee had a whistle toy like a dog toy, I called out "Is that you T'resa?"  Immediately, a bird flew out from my doorway to a fence post and began to sing it's little heart out!  I was charmed and delighted!

Entering the house, I was overwhelmed by a smell I have not experienced in a very long time---home cooking!  Laura made a wonderful pork stew with homemade bread.  It was delicious and more so because I had not eaten breakfast that day, so I devoured her wonderful food!  She also made an AWESOME blueberry pound cake.  It had almost as many blueberries as cake.  Laura should patent that recipe.    She sent me off with several portions for my freezer.

Here is a pic of Tuna (Richard) and Laura.

Here's a pic of T'resa and Christopher, who turns 1 year old tomorrow.

 Here's a pic of the Lap Gang.  Richard is a very welcoming daddy and allowed everybody to roost with him on his recliner.  Cassie was not allowed as she was being a little poo-poo dog and at one point, I had to get up from dinner and toss her butt into the RV because she was begging for some of Laura's home cooked food.  I can't say I blame her too much for that--I probably would have begged too!

Laura is a generous and  mature Mom.  She handles all the business of the household and works full time.  She also cooks like an angel.  She has an amazing knowledge of medical matters, and looks after Richard and the kids like a hawk!  She took me and T'resa to WalMart and knows the Greeter and the Popcorn Chicken lady personally, which impressed me.

For RV'ers:  Tuna modified their RV (Hurricane Class A) for the new members of the family and created a bunk bed arrangement where the couch used to be.  It is quite ingenious and attractive.  They have one cool RV for family camping!

Tuna also showed me his paintings,  which are breathtaking.  He has a strong connection to Native American culture and expresses his spirituality through  his painting.   I really was drawn to this one instantly.  I guess you might be able to see why.    This is a fallen Warrior Angel who is dying.   I am encouraging Tuna to put up a website to share his special art with everyone.

Laura cooked a Yankee Pot Roast and a Lasagna dish so I have eaten more in the last two days than I usually do in a week.  I am leaving fatter but happier.  

I am getting ready to depart east on I-40 and then will be heading south towards I-10.  I-10 will take me to San Antonio where I will be visiting pals Hal & Cheryl later this week.

I delayed my departure here so the sun will be high enough in the sky to actually SEE the road without being blinded!  I suspect I will have to do that whenever travelling east for the remainder of the trip.


  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely delicious time with your New Mexico friends! It's still cold in Colorado. You were here at exactly the right time! We'll be watching for your next report.

    Happy Trails

  2. What an adorable family! Got an address in Texas? I can send some wedding pics....

  3. How gorgeous is that part of the country and how diffent from what we know. Looks like you had a
    wonderful time with Tuna and Laura and those beautiful children. Come home soon. We miss you.

  4. What Kim said. Tee