Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hot Air Over Sue's RV

Well, I finally got my balloon thrill--though not in the form that I expected!  A balloon found its landing "off" the target field and came right over the roof of my RV.  I was sitting playing on the computer and suddenly I became aware of a darkness in my peripheral vision.  It was the balloonist frantically trying to raise itself up enough to clear my roof!  I could actually see his face which seemed more like childish delight than concern.  The photo was taken while lying back on my couch to catch the balloon through the window of my RV.

I launched myself outside to see where he would go next and he bumped to a landing about 50 feet from my door.  He almost took out the water main thingy.  You can see that his Chase Crew is running like crazy to get him down and stable.

Yay he's down.  You can see the water thingy better in this pic (lower right in photo).

Here they are doing their balloon transport thing like they have to do with canoes when the stream runs dry.    As the crew guides the gondola to the landing field, the pilot must squirt some hot air into the balloon to keep it slightly aloft and prevent dragging it on the ground.  Too much hot air and he could drag his entire crew up!

Here's the final pic of the people getting their balloon back to the field and trailer so they can deflate and pack it.  That is my RV in the pic.

And here I thought my only excitement today was gonna be my non-shower shampoo!  I needed one badly but knew my shower head would not give me sufficient water pressure for a decent rinse.  So I turned on the heater and decided to stand on my head under the sink faucet, which had way more pressure.  Aside from water and shampoo suds flying everywhere, it worked pretty good!  Cassie  thinks I have lost it.


  1. Wow! I'll bet that was exiting.....maybe even a wee bit scary! Great pictures and something not everyone has happen, which might be a good thing!
    Fingers crossed for calm weather and lots of great things to watch!

  2. And you thought your shampoo was gonna be the most exciting thing of your day! Great pics!!