Monday, October 5, 2009

"Glows" a No GO!

The dang Balloon Glow was cancelled AGAIN last night!  Again, winds too high.  This time, however, instead of lugging my blanket, chair and myself down to the Launch field and paying the entry fee, I watched the busses.  I knew that there would be no "glowing" until almost dark and if the winds were still high, there would be lotsa people coming back on the busses.   Sure enough, my neighbors came back almost immediately and reported that the 2nd of the 3 scheduled "glows" had been cancelled.  The final scheduled Glow is the Special Shapes GlowDeo on Friday night.  I will be somewhat bummed if that one gets cancelled.

There was an balloon accident on the field first thing this morning; someone fell or jumped from a balloon that was descending without control toward the field.  I haven't heard any more details yet but that puts a sad overlay on an otherwise happy event.  It's probably on the news.

Early this morning, I decided to take the Shuttle into Old Town.  I had not made a reservation but just "showed up".  I heard the Tour Person say that the 9:30 bus was full.  But then, she looked at me and said "Are you a single Rider?" and I said "YES!"  So, I got a spot on the bus and found at least one good thing about being single at a place where everyone has a partner!

Old Town is a tourist district with lotsa expensive souvenirs, jewelry and arts & crafts shops.  It was a very mellow morning and quite enjoyable to shop and not buy anything.  I hoofed over to the Walgreen's to see if I could pick up a paperback book.  WHAT HAPPENED?  Have I been asleep?  The paperback books were TEN DOLLARS!!

All the stuff in the Old Town shops was quite expensive and frankly, I have not yet gathered enough good memories of the Balloon Fiesta to want to remember it by buying an overpriced souvenir!    I was tempted, however, by a small Tiffany-style stained glass balloon lamp which even had a little gondola hanging down but it was a bit pricey--and easily breakable too.   Perhaps if I had seen a Balloon Glow or two I would feel differently...

This is a pic of me taken by a strange man who warned me not to give my camera to anyone who could outrun me.  He said I was "safe" with him...

Later, I got a Power Lunch at the Chocolate Factory; in keeping with my preferences these days for fruit, I got an apple dipped in dark chocolate and nuts.   I sat in the Old Town Power Merchant's Square and made animal sounds as I ate.  You can see an inflatable ark and a fountain in the background.

Right now, I am inside the RV with winds gusting all around me to 40 mph.  It looks like a sandstorm outside.   Visability is pretty bad but I can see that most of my neighbors have left.  I already prepaid for the entire time and doggone it, I'm gonna stick it out to the last chance to see the freakin' Balloons GLOW!


  1. No pics for me, since I can't outrun anyone! Hope the next few days have better "balloon weather" for watching the Shapes Balloons.

  2. Sorry the second glow didn't happen. Sounds like the wind has been a pain for you this trip.