Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Butte, Montana & Idaho

A few along-the-way photos.  This is our RV site in Butte with the offending hump preventing satellite TV.

So, with no TV and a gorgeous day, we set out to walk the property, greeting the friendly horses from the adjacent ranch.

We let Cassie climb little dirt hills and sniff all the fragrant "country" smells. 

Teepees were available for guests wanting the "authentic" olde west experience. 

They are quite "minimalist" having only cots.

Cassie loved the fella whose RV blocked our portable satellite.  She launched herself at him without warning as he entered the RV with his cocktail in hand.  Cassie made a beeline to his RV on every walkie, climbed up onto the entry step and looked back over her shoulder at me as if to say "Let's go inside!"

She made pup-pals with Sasha, whose parents are traveling over 12,000 miles in their SUV to "see if they like RV travel".  They live in their SUV--fortunately they are both short and can sleep in the car.  Sasha sleeps on the front seat.

After all that walkin' and playin' on the property, everybody is pooped...

...especially Cassie!

Enroute, an oversized carrier transporting wind turbine blades passed by us and we made the usual Cracker Barrel breakfast/walkie stop.

We made our usual stopover at the 1000 Silver Dollar Casino, the kind of laid back place you only find out west.  They have an adjacent parking area for RV's

which provides free 50amp electric for their guests.  

Cassie got to frolic and 

chase a stick and a pinecone offleash before we went in to make a donation.  We ended up winning $10 and credited it to the General Fuel Fund.

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