Friday, May 12, 2006

Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado & Wyoming

I had previously identified a free campground (Elk City, OK) with electric and water and we hoped that all 5 spaces would not be filled up by the time we arrived.  

Luckily, we were #3 of 4 "campers" using this gem of a park.
It was one of the prettiest places we ever have parked in!  We were backed up to a large lake and faced a huge open field area where concerts and events are held.  

Cassie got to run "off leash" in the safe, open area.  The weather was gorgeous and temperatures permitted sleeping with the windows open.  No noise at all--no railroad, trucks, planes, cars or partiers.

A few miles from Elk City, OK we entered New Mexico, where we stayed at a campground perched high on a mountain, near a highway "Scenic Viewpoint".

The new Owners parked us "sideways" looking down toward the valley and the view was breathtaking from the window side of the RV.  We had free wifi, 50 amps and one of the owners was from Florida so I posted a positive review under

Next stop Denver CO to meet our friends, Anne and Bill, for dinner and chat at Cracker Barrel in North Glenn.  We thought getting into a Cracker Barrel would be simple--it usually is--except the road was under construction and one could not enter from the direction we were traveling in.  

We found a U-turn opportunity a few miles away and turned into a small, plaza-like shopping mall.  To the amazed looks of the contractors working there, we drove our rig right through a quaint Main Street under construction.  It was a pedestrian-only passage lined with expensive-looking Italian pavers.  Whoops!  We didn't know that going in and hope we didn't break any pavers!  Unfortunately, it was the only way OUT!  

We got turned around and parked at Cracker Barrel, took showers and prepared to greet our friends.

Following a lovely reunion, we continued our travel toward the Wyoming Welcome Center.  The Welcome Center was designed with overnighters in mind, had water and a dump station and pointed RV'ers Into the Wind overlooking a valley.  

We had a cold, windy but quiet night, visited only by a bunny family and a coyote.  We felt snug and safe inside our home on wheels.

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