Monday, May 15, 2006

Douglas, Wyoming-Home of the Jackalope

Douglas, WY doesn't have much, but the KOA there was participating in the Camp Free at KOA Day nationwide, so we had scheduled our stop there. 

As you may know, the majority of seasoned RV'ers would never stay at a KOA because they are always overpriced (KOA=Keep On Adding), but FREE is GOOD!  

I must say I have a bias against KOA but this one was incredible.  They had a Giant Jackalope to greet their visitors... 

...a very homey campstore

...and a LIVE jackalope visited our campsite!  (Not really you know how I love to Photoshop!)

They did everything right and even had a CLEAN enclosed dog exercise area with poo bags and disposal can.  

They threw a party complete with chili, cornbread, hotdogs and s'mores.

The campfire was complete with dogs and singing cowboys. 

(Another photoshop)

The kids had remote control cars to play with, buckets of colors to tie-dye t-shirts, croquet and pingpong.  

A local mobile expresso cart was there to serve caffeine.  

We enjoyed our stay there immensely and stayed an extra day, paying an exhorbitant $31 (but with a free night in the mix, it worked).

Next stop--somewhere "near" Yellowstone NP.

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