Monday, May 29, 2006

Montana Whack-A-Wolf, Chief Joseph Highway

Next day was another "Chamber of Commerce" day. I saw a pronghorn antelope with her baby--baby pronghorns are almost never seen.  She furiously chased away a stupid coyote who came too close to her baby across a huge meadow and then promptly returned to her baby's side.  

Also saw a wolf pack chase an interloper out of their territory.  I had never seen a wolf, much less a pack, and here I was watching a pack in hot pursuit of another wolf!  

They were in a meadow of tall grass and every few seconds one of the pursuing wolves jumped up about 6 feet to check the position of the pursued wolf!  Looked funny, like one of those Whack-A-Mole games at the boardwalk.  Wish the pics were better but distances and speed of the action were too much.

Enroute to Buffalo, WY we travelled another heart-stoppingly beautiful road--Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. 

Frank is "stretching out" at the Turnout Overlook.  This is very humbling scenery.

While at the turnout, chipmunks came right up to us begging food.  I gave this one a stick of uncooked spaghetti.
Overnighted in a Rest Stop in Emblem, WY which was better than some commercial RV parks we have paid to stay in!  It was extremely windy and we "lost" a slideout canopy-it had been on its last leg at the start of our trip.  The repair will have to wait until our return to Florida where, I am certain the hurricane winds will completely obliterate it and maybe we can get insurance to replace it.

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