Friday, May 5, 2006

Louisiana Mudbugs and the Casino

Paragon Casino has its own RV park and has made it a really special park (not really a campground).  It was quite well-appointed, even for a high-priced RV park.  The discounted price was $6.

It has all level, concrete pull-thru sites with very generous spacing between sites.  It has wifi, though it was a pay wifi and very bad, as are most paid wifi services.   You deal with an outsourced Customer Service person who has no control over the physical service and is pretty useless.  The RV park outsourced the service because they don't want to deal with it.  I ended up getting our fee refunded, after fussing in various dialects with several individuals on the phone.  

The park also had bus shuttles running every 5-10 minutes to the casino, which was in walking distance but it was nice to get a lift and save your energy for gambling.  Security is everywhere.  The park is surrounded by a golf course which is bordered by a forest on the "park" side so it is quite green and lush.

Our first night, we had Mud Bugs aka "crawfish" and live Cajun music set up in the Casino garage.  They gave you a "flat" of bugs which was the size of a large sheet cake pan--about 3 lbs.  

The seasoning was barely detectable at first, but after a few crawfish, your lips feel as those you have had painful collagen implants!

On our 2nd day, the weather turned ugly with hail, tornadoes and 60 mph wind gusts.  The skies threatened for hours and the meterologists issued dire severe weather warnings.  We closed up the slideouts and went into "turtle mode" and waited.  Finally, the heavens exploded!   We lost electricity and Cassie practically died of a heart attack as the rain thundered down on our RV roof drowning out everything except the heart-stopping claps of thunder which seemed to shake the ground.  The river of rushing water engulfing our wheels was a bit worrisome but soon receded as the torrent of rain subsided. 

I used the time to practice my video poker technique on my virtual video poker tutor program.  As a result, I lost money much slower than usual in the casino.  The machines were quite loose and, after 3 days of play, we came away winning about $25 bucks plus 2 free buffets.

I am sending this from our Texas preserve in Pointe, TX due to the crappy wifi at the Casino park.  We have free wifi here!  Hopefully, the new heavy duty jack pads that I ordered will catch up with us here.  The Sender mistakenly sent me the wrong product, resent it but UPS misrouted it and it missed our departure  So, I am chasing jack pads across the country trying to coordinate a delivery.  Tough to get mail on the road.

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