Monday, September 7, 2009

California-Goin' to the Dogs!

Last couple days have been all about the dogs!  All dogs need special treatment for the Wedding and the Rehearsal Dinner Festivities.  Cassie got her haircut and I started on Ozzie's haircut yesterday.  He's bigger and dirtier so his bath won't happen until just before the events.

All dawgs have outfits for the festivities:

Ozzie, attendant to the groom, sports a relatively casual number made from fashion tee jersey fabric and finished with a necktie sporting the faces of the South Park moonface kids.

Ozzie is Pre-Haircut and his ears will be bobbed a little and the headline trimmed to an appropriate angelic halo-look.  After all, Ozzie IS an Angel Dog and beloved by everyone who meets him.

Bella, MaidDog of Honor, will be attired in a double-tiered white satin and tule creation, accented with the a sunflower in a deep yellow wedding theme color.

Her hefty bust is "lifted and separated" with a lace stretch elastic band with the signature yellow flower attached.


Cassie reluctantly wears a light and airy deep yellow frock studded with tiny diamonds in a modest cape.  A single white, bow with long trailing ribbons cascading from the neck complete this simple, but elegant look.

The thematic yellow color contrasts beautifully with her white coat.  

Despite the timeless simplicity of the design, she is VERY UNHAPPY being in a garment.  Her face tells me to take the damn thing off NOW!

The dogs are mostly playing together now, unlike in the beginning where Cassie caused a ruckus (mostly among humans) establishing herself as Top Dog.   Bella and Ozzie are getting even by hogging the toy and hanging out together while Cassie maintains an unavailble presence as part of her strategy of management mystique.

She chose the highest point in the room (over Norm's left shoulder), the back of the couch, as her Command Post.

Yesterday, Norm took me to his Yoga class and it was painfully pleasant.  My body was stretched into unnatural positions and required ibuprofen for the remainder of the day and night.  But, at least I could bend from the waistline--something which would have been impossible 20 lbs ago...

My sister has been incredibly busy making 6 cheesecakes and various other food items and taking everything to friends to store in the freezer/fridge.  She also had her beginning of month RV Park rental receipts.  This is always accompanied by evictions, which are a frequent fact of life in her business.  This month she had 3 evictions--two of which were easy and one was difficult and required terrorist tactics.  She filed a Small Claims Suit against the tenant and gave him "The Speech" ie how life was about to change for him.  She planned to inquire about his citizenship status and he would soon be meeting "the sheriff".  As luck would have it, just following her meeting with him, ten DEA agents raided her park and arrested 3 people.  The problem tenant thought that Sharon made this happen and is now leaving ASAP!  

This week will be a busy one; today I banish the RV dirt accumulated from 2500 miles.  Tomorrow I take the RV in for service, refill all it's hungry tanks and reposition it as my live-in quarters.  Up till now, I have been occupying my sister's Guest Room which will be taken over by her daughter's family tomorrow.  Also, tomorrow is my hair appointment.  Guests begin to arrive on Thursday, so all food must be on hand, the premises "groomed" and the house sparking.  This so much fun!

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