Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Denver CO--A Friendly Place!

My friends in Denver, Anne and Bill, make this a very friendly place.  They welcomed me and my RV into their house and driveway with open arms.  Though I had planned to stay in my RV, Anne insisted that I stay in their newly-remodelled Guest Room.    What a treat to spread out and take a long shower and shampoo--and an electric blanket too!

Anne and Bill are friends from Frank's and my first cross-country trip in 2001.  They and Frank met on the AOL-hosted online Prostate Cancer Support group and we stop and visit with them whenever we pass near Denver, unless they are out travelling around themselves visiting friends and family.

Cassie and I met their new doggy, Murphy, who is part Shiba Inu and part American Eskimo.  I wish I could embed a sound .wav of Murphy's bark; it is like nothing I have ever heard before from a wild or domestic animal.  When it hits exactly the right pitch, wine glasses break, so we drank out of plastic goblets.  (Ok maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration)

Later, the dogs got cozy with Anne after getting over an initial spat where Cassie, once again, tried to assert dominance over her kingdom!  She is becoming much too possessive for my liking and had to be corrected a couple times.

Bill fixed us his specialty--fireside breakfast!  Wow was it cozy!  He even warmed up the plates.

Not only can Bill cook, he helped me do some stuff on the RV that was a real godsend!  I had broken the slider/catch mechanism on one of the major tableware drawers and had to store the drawer in the overhead cabinet, wasting precious space.  I knew that the part needed to be replaced and probably special-ordered but Bill FIXED it!  He also improved on the production of my countertop over the range but adding custom U-bolts to keep it from moving during travel!  He also helped me learn how to "read" my batteries so I would know if I needed to add water.  He was an enormous RV Friend!

In the evening, we chilled and watched TV with the dogs hovering looking for laps and snacks.

We ate Mexican last night and I had a FINE dinner and we shared a pitcher of Marguaritas.  Anne ended up spilling one all over her and Bill but fortunately, it was at the end of the meal.  We had a great time but perhaps the rich food, and overimbibing kept me from sleep last night and I am feeling a bit foggy today.

I am beginning my trek down a very lonesome stretch of road toward Albuquerque.   The weather forecast for the Balloon Fiesta is FABULOUS!

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  1. Sounds like a good time with friends in Denver. Made me thirsty for margaritas, so I'm meeting Kim (Helenas mom) for a drink tonight in Old Town. Sending you a virtual "toast" to future Albuquerque fun!