Saturday, September 5, 2009

A California Poem for Sue

I have never had anyone write me a poem; so this blog will be about my special event.  It took 60 years and a cross-country trip of 2500 miles for a man to write me a poem, but it is now one of my treasured life experiences.

When my neice was married in '07, I naturally took loads of photos.  The poem was written by Rich, a guy who lives in Sharon's RV Park and who works as her groundsperson/handyman.  I think he also scares people into paying their rent.

I took several photos of him and many humorous comments were made about Rich's photogenic results.  NONE of the pictures that I took were artistically appealing!  It seemed that my camera had a grudge against Rich.

The one at left is the subject of his poem.

I remind the reader that I do not try to catch people in unflattering poses and usually just delete them when I have one that is just wrong... 

Now, I know a woman named Sue
Women like her--there are Too few
And I have to give her her due
But, if after hearing this tale, you do too--
it is totally up to you.

It seems that with a camera, she's not to be entrusted
Unless the camera is already busted!
For, if I remember right (and my memory isn't too rusted),
Together--Sue & Camera--they should NEVER be trusted.

For at a gathering one time,
As wedding bells did chime,
And, as two people became entwined
What She and her camera did should be a crime!

It was after everyone had been served ice cream and cake,
A picture of Me, ice cream and cake, Sue did take.
And to stop her--well...I was too late,
I could only hope that the picture turned out opaque.

Now, up to this point, things were going just fine
And it never crossed this mind of mine
That with that picture on my spotless image, she'd drop a dime
And as you can tell, it's getting harder to rhyme.

But, if that picture gets out--to even a few,
Even though all my respect has Sue
This is what I'll have to do

Ah...but enough is enough!
For in the end, I'll just suck it up and be tough
But into this mind of mine
Pops this charming, yet slightly butchered little line:

"If you Knew Susie, Like I know Susie"...

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  1. I do not know how Sue gets men to pose in silly and embarassing ways, but she does. Rich, you are not alone. Sue's husband wore tin foil on his head and coconuts on his man boobs for her picture taking pleasure. With this in mind, I'd say Rich got off pretty easy. Nice poem, though.