Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tally Ho to Tahoe!

The girls packed our gear in whatever space could be found in the RV and stored the rest in Sharon's Prius and headed for Lake Tahoe.  None of us had ever visited there in the fall, between the summer and winter tourist seasons and were looking forward to our laid back trip.  

It was an "on and off" rainy travel day and I had to use my wipers several times.   Suddenly, my windshield wiper "exploded"--I thought perhaps it had been hit by a rock.   On inspection, it  was hanging on "by the thread" and I tried to reposition it and continue on.  Fortunately, it was the one on the passenger side.  Unfortunately, it would not stay on so I finally had to remove it and then had a second problem--the bare metal wiper holder would be painfully scratching my windshield any time I needed a wipe.

So, I looked around for something to cover it up that would put when in motion, and finally settled on my pink, foam hair roller.   That is the pink thing in the photo.   This worked like a charm.

We stopped at Granzella's Deli, a semi-famous tourist attraction.  It has RV Parking, 3 different stores with shopping and other ususual foods and stuff.  We ate amongst many dead animals and animal heads that had been positioned on the walls.   It doesn't seem like an appetizing decor but apparently no one complains.

Our site was roomy and cozy and we set up our chairs and beverage tables.  I noticed that someone had left firewood on a nearby site and asked the adjacent camper if he knew anything about that and he said that they had left and I could also have all his leftover wood.  We filled up Sharon's Prius trunk twice, rented a fire-ring and will be having wine by the fire on our last night-tonight.  Additionally, there is sufficient wood for me to take to Yellowstone.

The weather has been awesome and usually warm.  The morning temps are around 60 degrees but in the daytime, the temps have been mid-70's and really comfortable for being out and about. 

However, that morning 60 degree "got me" the first morning--I forgot and put the electric heater on and we made another pot of coffee.  Of course, we blew the fuse and had to go out and buy some fuses but still not not get the power back.  So, I asked the handyman from the campground to check the power box and he found it was "loose" and replaced the plug. power.  We checked everything we knew how to.  Out of options, I called for Mobile RV Service and he had me operational in 5 min.  He knew the problem--the inverter had tripped.  The inverter is located under my bed.  I am $95 poorer but I shall remember to check the inverter in the future.

You can only imagine what the inside of an RV would look like with 3 women and a dog inhabiting it.  Marilyn is sleeping in the cabover and though one cannot "sit up", she has the most space to spread out in.  However, she does have to climb a ladder to get there.  Sharon is on the couch and fortunately, is a side sleeper who curls a bit, since the length is only 67 inches.

The front of the cab is full of all the excess bedding/blankets/pillows/towels and clothing.

Here is Sue having a primal scream at the condition of her RV.

One of the initial "stops" is a traditional one in Tahoe for Sharon & Marilyn, the local Smoke Shop which has many beautiful and custom glass-blown pipes and stuff.  I had to step out as I was getting a headache from the lack of oxygen but Sharon found a pipe that had a likeness of her husband, Norm, and got it for him.  Many have said that Norm looks like Jerry Garcia.

We stopped at a Winery and had a wine-tasting but rejected their kind offer of a bottle of wine for $22 in favor of our Costco twin-pack and various other vintages for about $7/bottle.  We plan to polish a couple bottles off tonight.

 Naturally, when one is Lake Tahoe one must hit some casinos, so we have been making the rounds and taking the free offers for new players and playing with their money.  Marilyn had a birthday this month and was eligible for a free dinner, cocktail and other spiffs.  Theresa------we found a "Deal or No Deal" machine and I took these pics especially for you.

Very realistic game and actually we had a lot of fun with it.
We also played mucho nickel video poker and ALL of us ending up getting 4 of a kind.  It was a good gambling day in Tahoe.
Our last day is tomorrow and we have to leave the campground because their rates are ridiculous at $58 off  season.  Sharon got it through her timeshare points for $3/night.  Sharon and Marilyn have taken advantage of her Birthday coupon and gotten a heavily-discounted room at one of the casino hotels.  I will also be able to park there and use their facilities though I will stay in the RV overnight with Cassie.

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