Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunshine in Eureka

I am enjoying spending time with my sister, Sharon and not having to drive anywhere for awhile.  She squires me around in her Prius; every other driver seems to have a Prius or other hybrid in this area.  I drove it a short distance and it is so quiet you are not sure it is "on".  It is surprisingly powerful and takes the short, steep hills around here with ease.  Yesterday, I treated her car to a Spa Day; cleaned and polished up the inside so it looks and smells brand new!

This is a photo of my sister's home in the Redwoods.  This is a very lush area due to constant moisture but is makes for a lot of extra maintenance to keep up with fallen needle debris from the trees, molds, varmit control and wood rot.  Note the solar panels on the roof.  My sister's husband is the Solar King; it is his life's passion and business.  They pay less than $200/year for their electricity and they would actually be paid for adding to the grid if they had more sun exposure.

After several days of 60 degree, foggy and overcast weather, the sun came out yesterday and it was in the 70's and beautiful.  We took the opportunity to go out to the site of the wedding, the Arrington Apple Orchard for the purpose of seeing whether I wanted to bring the RV there.  It would have been convenient to put Cassie there after the wedding ceremony.  However, as we entered the driveway, I noted that the grade was steep--probably more than 20%--and the road was pretty rocky and chewed up.  Definately not RV friendly!

I took some pictures of the wedding site; one never knows when or if the sun will be out in Eureka; the steady state of weather here is overcast, misty and 60 degrees.

This sign was in the cooking house on the property.  They make apple products and fudge to sell to tourists.
   While wandering around the wedding site, I happened to see this dog parked in front of the Porta Pot and it seemed like he was waiting patiently for his turn...

This is Sharon's friend's (Theresa) home where I have my RV parked.  Theresa has made water and electric available to me.  Additionally, she offered her home to several wedding guests who will occupy 3 upstairs bedrooms.   Her only rule was "No Men in Her Downstairs Bathroom!"  (This is due,  of course, to the lid-up deficiency that men suffer from)


  1. Good to hear from you. Will talk to you this weekend and catch you up on stuff. Nothing major. Keep resting & having fun. This is your time. Enjoy. XO Tee

  2. The area Sharon lives in is just gorgeous!! Will "she ever return?" just like Charlie on the MTA. I hope you're no where near the fires......

    Enjoy and keep in touch. What is your new phone number anyway? Enjoy every minute. XOXO, Kim

  3. Mary - Joey - SammySeptember 5, 2009 at 1:07 PM

    Sue - We love reading about your adventures... Thanks - Joey, Mary, and Sammy

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