Saturday, September 12, 2009

California PigOut

Sharon hosted a post-wedding rehearsal dinner for 60 out-of-town guests last night.  We had spent the last 10 days cleaning and primping the property.  One of the improvements was to improve "the wall"--a retaining wall bordering her back yard.  

Sharon bought several wine barrels of flowers to border the wall and detract from it.  

After placing them, we were visited by the forest deer, who lie in wait for tasty flowers.  Sharon had a hissy fit and chased them away by howling like a banshee running after them and letting the dogs chase them.  We went out and bought chicken wire which we put up around the barrels, in addition to spraying them with deer deterent (aka "panther piss").

Here is her backyard under the redwoods where  the tables and pig pit were set up for the party. 

A risk averse person, Sharon placed a prominent sign warning her guests to "Watch out for Gopher holes".
While sipping wine, the girls worked at making the "Gopher Hole" sign and Helena prepared her vagina molds for chocolate vaginas (she is the past director of the Eureka production of The Vagina Chronicles and vaginas are her trademark)
Chocolate vagina candy complete with sprinkles.

My nephew, Drew (the groom), set up his pig pit and shifts were scheduled throughout the night to check pig temperature and add charcoal.

Food and wine is plentiful

Partiers and some members of the wedding party, including the groom in a weird wig.
The Samba Dance Troupe provided some of the evening's entertainment.  They are a percussion dance group and are a crowd pleaser, encouraging the audience to join in dancing.

Bride and groom (both in silly wigs)  joined in the dancing.

...Helena enthusiastically got into the Samba rhythm...

ALL the guests of every age got into the dance action.

   My grandniece, Claire (2yrs old) enjoyed a cupcake.  She will be the Flower Girl in the Wedding tomorrow

The party was a huge success!  After it got dark, the two blended families gathered for some introductions and a video production created by Drew and Helena, showing photos of the two growing up and then a section on their courtship.  It was humorous and nostalgic for many family members and the perfect ending for a perfect party.

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  1. Let's recap...gopher holes, chocolate vaginas, crazy wigs, scantily clad dancers. Sounds like a California style wedding to me!