Monday, August 31, 2009



I arrived in Eureka CA yesterday evening around 6pm, after a very long day driving scenic Route 299 through the Shasta-Trinity Mountains.  This is a Byway that I had planned and it was wilder than I imagined.  I was not able to fully enjoy the beauty because the drive was pretty intense and my attention needed to be on the road.

The road was often under construction due to landslides and earth "collapsing".  Scary.  I had planned to spend another night up in those mountains but decided I was too tired and just wanted to get the drive over with.  

So, I pushed ahead to arrive at my sister's house.  She served me some of my favorite Blackstone wine and I was happy to spend some time with my family before konking out.  

My future neice, Helena and my nephew, Drew had some pre-wedding photographs done by a very creative photographer, who posed them for this photo.  The photo's rights were purchased by a local advertiser who featured this photo in the current COSTCO magazine.

Drew and Helena then got silly and decided to do a mock pose on the living room floor.  I especially enjoy effect of the blue crocs on Helena.   They are leaving soon on an adventure of undetermined duration in Sharon's RV.  They have sold their possessions, sublet the apartment, given notice to Helena's employer and are busy preparing for their post-wedding trip of a lifetime.

Cassie was overhelmed by being in a new house with a "puppy" named Ozzie, a playful dog way larger than her.  Ozzie is a golden doodle and is a lovable galumph.  This is a pic of my sister and Ozzie.

Enroute to the Trinity Mountains, I passed through Lassen National Forest and Cassie and I had a picnic by a babbling brook.

Here's Cassie doing her wiggle-scratch in the grass at the picnic spot.


  1. Yaaaay! You made it. So glad you arrived safely and even ahead of schedule. You look even thinner than in prior posts. How much weight have you lost? You may have started a new diet fad- the "Cross Country Diet". All you have to do is write a book about starving your way through 3000 miles of roadways. I bet it will catch on! Some of the chapters could be cratively named too: " Not a tater in Decatur",
    "No dessert in the Desert". Have fun with the fam. XO Tee

  2. Hi Sue,
    I'm so glad to hear you are safe and sound at your sister's. Enjoy every minute. Now I hope I can post this....I enjoyed talking with you last Saturday, but Perkin' just aint the same without you. XOXO, Kim