Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who'll stop the rain?

Uneventful and boring drive up yesterday; the rain just followed me all day and it was in and out of rain blanket blackout! You could see the line of the rain on the highway ahead. Slowed me down but still got into my CG at 3pm.

It was a Passport and when I checked in, they "automatically" added a $2 cable charge and I believed I had to correct them and they took it off. (I have been doing the Passport geolocation database and publishing online for several years and aware of the many tricks CG's use to "pad" the discounted Passport rate.) Reason they have cable is there is no "over the air signal" here. That's OK I had wifi---except the storms were so bad I had no wifi signal. It is morning and clear so I am posting a short one.

Headed for Heflin AL today where there is a newly-listed canine CG that caters to dogs with grooming, dog wash stations, dog walks, agility posts and interesting sniff stuff. Might stay and extra day if Cassie wants to!


  1. Hope Cassie enjoys the designer campground. Keep on Truckin'!!

  2. I am not used to the Blog,,,but I see I missed the "day of the fall"...ouch. Hopefully, it will feel better with a little healing time. I've never heard of a canine CG...let's not tell Ozzie!