Monday, August 17, 2009

Mama J's in TN

Backing up just a bit from Mama J's...I stopped first thing in Camping World and was lucky enough to have the "new girl" help me in the Service Desk area. I wonder if they gave her any training at all as she could not even find my membership in the computer! Long story short--they couldn't even "look" at my backup camera until 3:30 (means 4:30 or tomorrow) so I left. Tomorrow, I'll call the Warranty people and see what's up. I'll just adapt the backing up business until I can arrange an appointment along my route.

Rain dogged me the entire day and it "flattens" the landscape and makes everything look drab and yukky. I was, however, WIDE AWAKE as I drove right through the city of Birmingham! And, I got a small thrill seeing the Talladega Speedway but nothing was speeding there. By 2pm, I could barely keep my eyes open! So, I found a Walmart and a Home Depot to hang out in for awhile until the storm cleared. I think it was the tropical "system" affecting weather up here--at least that's what the talking heads are saying on TV.

Today the route took me off the interstate on onto secondary roads in TN. It was a bit of a change with just a single lane and lots of curves and hills. Actually, the only pic I got was of flat dual lane hiway. You can see the crappy weather though.

Finally, I pulled over at the Powder Keg General store in rural Pulaski, TN and called the campground, as by my calculations, I should have reached it by that point. I was only 1/4 mile short of the entrance so pulled into Mama J's Cabin and was greeted by tabakkee-chooin' BillyBob in suspender overalls grinning at me with bad teeth.

(Side note: I carry Frank's wallet everyplace to pay in hopes that it will be assumed that there is a male accompanying me. Prominently placed in the tri-fold is his driver's license and PBA card.) The tab was dirt cheap--$13--and I bought some authentic (!) Amish apple butter to put on the cheddar cheese bread that I bought earlier at Walmart. Mama J ran the cash register and apparently makes enough money to get dental care.

The sun peeked out and a got a nice picture of her store. Campground is serviceable but a bit utilitarian-looking. In view of every camper is the Chapel which resembles a storm shelter.

Surprisingly, this is the first place I have had a TV signal---at the base of Powder Hill Mountain in Lawrenceburg, TN.


  1. Did you take that photo of the Hiway while driving...or did you stop in the road. The weather may be yukky, but Mama J's looks cute. And with a TV signal, you could even watch The Great American Road Trip! Back up cameras are nice, but I bet you could ask Camp Hosts to back you me, we want to help people that might "take out" out Utilities. Let's hope for better weather tomorrow!

  2. Hope you got in early enough to watch The Great American Road Trip on your Mama J's TV,,,yeehaw!
    Hoping for better weather tomorrow.

  3. yea for Mama J's and TV access!

  4. I've written about 3 comments...but none seem to be posting.I will try again tomorrow

  5. Amish Apple Butter and a TV signal! What more could a girl want? (Besides a backup camera that works)

  6. Apple Butter and a TV signal. What more could a girl want? (Besides a working back up camera)

  7. Sharon, I am glad to see I am not the only one having trouble posting. It has been driving me nuts!

  8. Hope your wrist is better. By the time you get to Terrible's, you will need a fully functional wrist to push the button on the slot machine! I am still having trouble posting to this #$&$#@ blog.