Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holy Wind-driven Crap!

Theresa called me this afternoon to inform me I left town just in time-there was a funnel cloud over my house and two hurricanes headed to Cape Coral next week!

Update: My wrist still hurts; here is a photo of it trying to smash the
hamburger down flat in the skillet. It just can't be done...

I am in a really rural campground bought by a couple who raise and show Wheaten Terriers. They have a big RV with a specialty decal that is 3 feet tall (next to mine) of a wheaten and have 3 wheatens in the campground. The interior of the rig is specially designed for care/grooming of the dogs. They bought the place and are fixing it up as a campground for dogs and will allow owners long as the humans stay on a leash!

Thing that went wrong today; I got my first back-in site and put it in reverse--my backup camera is supposed to come on automatically. Imagine my surprise when all I could see was my back bumper! Turns out that JVC only built the display; the camera is a peripheral probably slopped together in China and has no warranty. I am only 10 miles from a Camping World and will stop and see if they can reposition it tomorrow.

Thing that went right today--got around Atlanta with NO problems despite some tricky road changes.


  1. you should be proud of yourself for not getting lost in Atlanta!

  2. OMG! Your wrist looks painful...