Sunday, August 30, 2009

California--where is Arnold's Garage Sale?

If I can find Arnold's Garage Sale, I could maybe pick up some interesting stuff!  

It would be a welcome change from the drive up here yesterday!  Not really pretty!  I was stopped at Bordertown and my RV frisked but no problem since the agent and I starting talking "dog".

It was extremely windy and the road was mostly single lane up and down hills so I did a lot of pulling over to let traffic by.  I wondered why there was so much traffic as the average population of the 3 towns I went through was 70.

Ended up west of Milford at a Passport CG called Honey Lake.  Named that because there is a nice-sized lakeview--or used to be.  Unfortunately, the lake has dried up and I have a view of a dry lakebed.  No pictures as you would be scared.  This place is quite remote and the campground is mostly permanents.  Anyway, I getting ready to pull up stakes after I post this.

Today, I continue toward places named Shingletown, Whiskeytown etc.   Hmmm...any guesses as to what I might find in these places?  Should end my day at Douglas City or Weaverville.  I have no idea where I will be staying tonight.  The people in rural California hate Walmarts or any big box business.


  1. If you stop by Arnold's garage sale, please extend our sympathy to Maria. You can probably find some cheap copies of Kindergarten Cop and maybe an old body building trophy or two.

  2. You're almost here..yippee! While driving, note the distance between Redding (cowboy town) and Eureka. It's about a 3 hour drive for us locals. Many locals have health plans with doctors in Redding...can you believe it?! The area around Willow Creek has lots of'll have some choices tonite. The high temp in Eureka for the past week has been hovering around 60 degrees, so for cooler weather, head for the coast. see ya soon!!