Friday, August 14, 2009


The day did not start well. I did not sleep well so I got up around 3:30am and of course, Cassie wanted to go out. I turned on the outdoor lights and trotted along behind her and WHAM!!! I suddenly found myself flat on my face on the concrete! Hoping that nothing was broken!

The light/shadow of the entryway disguised the change in elevation at the small step and I missed the step down. Fell completely down with hands out in front to break the fall. As I laid there, Cassie sat down and looked at me with disgust on her face. As if to say "What the H*** is the matter with you anyway? Get up and walk me!"

I knew one of my wrists was hurt; I had a similar fall when I first learned to rollerblade. A bump in the pavement put me down with my wrist breaking the fall. I recall it took almost 6 months for my wrist to heal. I fervently hope that this injury is not that bad, though it hurts like crazy! I can't turn the key in the ignition and all the hookups had to be tighteded with my other hand. Very inconvenient. By the end of the day, my wrist throbbed just from the act of steering. And here I thought it was gonna be my hip that was a problem...

Rolled into N Ocala around 4:00pm without incident. Even though I swore not to drive in the rain, I did. There was no place to hide! It rained on and off all the way up. The place I am staying is more of a "permanent" mobile home park with an associated sleazy motel. However, the overnight site I am on is quite pleasant!

I have full hookups and cable TV which I can't use since I didn't bring cable wire and also wifi. I have both computers hooked up as I am updating Frank's computer and using it for difficult wifi--his computer has a whazzoo wifi card and his can get signals mine doesn't even see! I also fired up the Magic Jack and made 3 phone calls, including one to my dealer serviceman because I can't get my generator to fire up. I need someone to troubleshoot the problem before I call for service.

Finally, a Gourmet Feast of hot dogs, edame beans and Coconut Rum in Crystal Light pomegranite juice. Look at me cook! I forgot the Pam. I just love those edame beans because you don't have to cook them.

Tomorrow I will set down at Arabi, GA (which is near Cordele) where I'll stop for discount GA gas. I fueled today and experienced fillup sticker shock. I'm not used to frequent fuel stops; the Mutha only needed a stop every 1200 miles but I will have to stop around 350. Using my cruise control, you betcha!

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