Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Hiccough and a Burp in Nebraska

For some reason, it was a very long day on the road and took me forever to get stopped and stay on my route schedule.  One reason might be my little peppy companion pup--Cassie raises a major fuss when she is tired of being cooped  up in her Palace.  She will not shut her yap, so I find myself stopping more often... One of the stops was outside of Omaha--a "Hiccough in the road" called Crete, NE.  No services.  Not even any pavement in the road further than 100 yds from the highway exit.  Nothing but a mobile home park and a very strange rundown building brilliantly painted in bright, day-glow colors with the words "Peace to the World".  

Didn't stay long there and finally came up on this super little Rest Stop in York, NE.  York NE is a "Burp in the road".  You can see the scene out my door.  I just could help it--I wanted to stay there rather than the Walmart!  So, because it was patrolled with security, was a Visitor Center and seemed "safe", I decided to stop.  Was I glad!  I popped my wine bottle, tuned in to find some TV signal and slept like a baby!  

Satellite signal compliments of Sapp Bros Truck Stop in York, NE.  Headed for a campground in Big Springs, NE where they hopefully have a laundry.


  1. I will try again--either I will have posted 3 times saying the same thing or not.
    You are having WAY too much fun! We are jealous and jealous of the obvious poundage you have lost. You deserve happiness. Go for it!

  2. you're looking more and more at home on the road. Give Cassie a tough of Dramamine, and she will dream of fire hydrants...

  3. Hi, Sue!

    Looks like you and Cassie are having a really great time!! Wish we had some of
    that cooler weather!

    Still don't know about the balloon fest in
    Albuquerque yet--just had a bunch of unexpected happenings--read *expenses*
    I hadn't counted on. Darn!!

    Cheryl (and Hal, who is still at work!)