Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wyoming to Nevada Today

Hung out at the loudest Walmart ever last night until the trains stopped about 9pm.  It was also used as a truck parking area and the RV's also had to share with the truckers.  Fortunately, the temps went way down and noone needed to use their generators for AC so after awhile, it was quiet until the trains rumbled through again about 5:30am.   I had good TV being in Evanston and gave myself a pedicure.  Nice, eh?

It's the little things along the way...I stopped at a rest stop and met a very nice hippee refugee fleeing Seattle for Indiana.  I knew he was an "older" hippee because he had those round granny eyeglasses and wore a scarf on his head and was skinny.  I didn't ask for details as he seemed a little "off" on his permanent relocation and had only a car stuffed to the gills with a bike mounted on back.  He also had a 9 mo old Russian Elkhound who played with Cassie.  Now..would anyone like to guess what this dog's name was?     


It was pleasantly warm and it was a very untravelled rest stop so I fixed myself a big ole salad in my NEW salad bowl which I am so tickled with.

I took a photo while driving of one of the dramatic rock formations enroute from Rock Springs to Evanston.  There were many Very Long uphill grades and I spent much of the trip in 2nd gear with flashers on, watching my fuel guage take a dive.

Going through the entire state of Utah today to my full hookup campground in Wells, Nevada.

Wifi compliments of Holiday Inn Express in Evanston WY

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  1. Those uphill grades are where you appreciate a big honkin' diesel. We never leave FL it seems
    :( and so ours simply affords us the power to drive the RV like a sports car. But SOMEDAY we will make it out west and use the diesel to its full potential.
    It seems like you are really spending a lot of time in WalMart. Maybe you should buy stock?
    Love your new salad bowl and cutting board/countertop.
    Everyone is enjoying your blog. Keep on truckin'.