Monday, August 24, 2009

Is there any end to Nebraska? Anyone home?

It seems not.  When I pulled into my Passport Campground, there was no one in the office and no one in the campground!  And, it was right off the interstate!  There were lots of black-eyed Susan flowers around, so I decided to adorn myself with one.

Will Nebraska never end?  It is SO flat and straight; I put the cruise control on and feel like closing my eyes and taking a nap.  But whew--did I become alert in Brule--it had a huge cattle feed lot bordering the road for miles and the stench was like nothing I have ever experienced!

Tomorrow, I will be staying at the Walmart in Laramie,WY.  That will feel like I am "out west"!  Had a bad moment when I realized that Frank was not with me to experience the excitement of seeing our first mountain "out west"; it was always a momentous event on our trips.  There's just nothing like the change from hills/flat terrain to the awe-inspiring majesty of mountains!  

But, life as I knew it is past and I must reinvent my pleasures.  I am beginning to find enjoyment in the driving, which I never imagined would happen.  I always seem to meet pet people in the Pet Exercise end of the Rest Stops.  Today, I met an overweight chihuahua (sp?) named Buddy and his owner who was a truck driver (who cares about HIS name!).  Why are so many dogs named Buddy. 

 The reason I chose that Laramie Walmart location to stay is because it is a great jumping off place for my scenic route "Snowy Range" which takes me off I-80 and over a scenic mountain road (SR130), stopping at Saratoga, WY for a night or two. 

Tonight, I crossed into Mountain Zone time and picked up an extra hour of activity time.  I am at my planned Passport America stop in Big Springs, NE--$10 for full hookup--AND it has a clean, reasonably-priced laundry.  Had my choice of sites since noone was there...  Hung the "delicates" and Hard-to-Dry laundry in the clothesline rigged up for me by my handyman, Steve.  This is how you do "white trash laundry" in an RV.

Even Cassie got a bath.  I set up a bath station on the HitchHaul where I have about an extra 12" of space that is not used by the carrier.  And, I don't have to bend over down to the ground or the shower basin to wash her!  I cut some foam to fit so Cassie had a comfy surface, hooked the hose nozzle up to the "rainfall" setting and gave Cassie a good hosing-down!  She has been wiggling in grass at every Rest Stop so she really needed some grooming!

Later, a couple pulled in with a shitzu and I went over and chatted with them with Cassie and my glass of wine.  We let the dogs play together "off leash" and traded tall tales of the road.


  1. I'm sure Cassie is having a great experience meeting so many dogs named Buddy..pretty "uninspired" name, but we named previous dogs Willie1 and Willie2, so I shouldn't talk! I've got you an appointment for Sept 8th at the local RV service place in town. He's busy till then, but expects to be completed in 1 day. Next, the hair appt!

  2. What the Heck is wrong with the name Buddy for a dog. It conveys loyality, funloving, and a even tempered nature." "uninspired"???" I'll have you know that I an the most inspired Buddy you will ever meets! I'm even inspired to bite the butt of anyone that disparages my name......

    Your truly,
    Buddy Smith