Monday, August 24, 2009

Weepy night in Wyoming

I kinda knew I was not gonna be OK getting this far West.  Basically crying off and on all day.  Stopped at "our" favorite Rest Stop where we spent an RV-rocking windy night on top of a butte and had visitation by bunnies and coyotes.  I shouldn't have stopped but I guess it is part of my "process" as the grief experts might say.

Now, I am at the Laramie Walmart and have a remote corner spot looking directly at the mountains, a wind turbine and a stormy sky.  There are many lightening strikes and it is a beautiful, wild display of nature.  On the way here, I saw wild mustangs and that made me think of one of our most adventurous trips to a BLM land near Cody to observe wild mustangs.  

There are many memories that I am reliving by being in this place.  There is so much to remember; Frank's and my happiest times were travelling in the RV and I am missing him Big Time today.  


  1. sending virtual "big hug".....sigh

  2. I think you are experiencing a healthy greiving process this way. While it might be a bit painful now, it will be good for you in the long run.
    You are prolly wondrin' where I have been lately. Well, I have been in techno HELL for 3 days occasioned by Embarq sending everyone new high speed internet modums at the same time. But now I am back online and there is nothing to stop me from jumping in on the "Buddy"-is-a GREAT-name debate. Thanks, Paul, for defending my dog and yours.
    Loved the picture of the white trash laundry and the one where you had a black eyed Susan on your face. By the way, how's the wrist doing? You haven't mentioned it.
    And Sharon- keep after that hair appointment and don't let her do any punk rock styles while she is in a fragile emotional condition. You might want to also want to keep her away from tatoo parlors. At your age, Sue, a Botox party is more appropriate if you find yourself in need of physical pain that will result in altered appearance. And I mean that in the most loving way.

  3. Hey sis...are you thinking what I'm thinking? What a great idea...tattoos!!!

  4. Sue you will push through this, just like you have somehow managed to get through all the other massive obstacles!!! Keep your chin up and think of all the things you have to still do in your wonderful life!! (I can hear Cody saying..."there's a town named afetr me?") and just for a chuckle he brought home some popcorn seeds that ended up in the wash I asked WHY??? His response..."I was hoping to have popcorn when the drier weas done!!!" And let me know about that tatoo...I've been considering one as well!

  5. You all know tatoos don't come off, right???
    Like, ever?

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