Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Corny Salute to the Heartland

I am in a gorgeous area of Iowa.  Lots of cornfields so you are looking at my corny salute...

There are also a bazillion windmills-an impressive sight slowing turning with the wind chugging out those amps!  Wish I had one of those things on the RV!

I am in the final Iowa Rest Area so this is IT for internet for awhile.  The campground I picked out for tonight is FULL so I don't have a place.  My most likely options are either WalMart in York, NE or Motel Inn & RV in York, NE.  Depends on weather if I need electric or not...  Imagine a business just calling itself by it's function---Motel!

I found another thing to like about this state, aside from its basic RV Friendliness.  Whilst eating my hot dog with my RV entry door open, I saw a sign saying NO SMOKING anywhere but in your personal vehicle.  I noticed that there was NO Latin version of this rule printed anywhere on the sign.  And then I realized that I had not seen a single Latin sign anywhere for the last 5 days! 

I am here in the Heartland of AMERICA!

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