Monday, August 24, 2009

Wyoming-finally No More Nebraska

Cassie finally won!  She just does not like the travel area prepared for her.  She can't sit, stand or even "kneel"--it's lay down or nuthin' and she's not happy about that.  She was really talking about this to me today, so we came to an agreement which I think we can BOTH be excited about (as Dr Phil says).  She now occupies the space between the driver and passenger seats on her foam pad with a big King pillow on top.  Her halter is attached to the lead which is attached to my seat belt.  So, she has limited mobility but enough to reposition herself on the pillow at will.  She gave me such a look of gratitude after I set her up in her new digs--brought little tears to my eyes.  She was very calm today and that made us both happy campers.  I told her I reserve the right to put her back in her Palace if she needs to be contained or if she attempts to move about while I am driving.  I think we have a meeting of human-canine minds.

I have encountered a new scam.  The gas stations advertise a "decent" price for fuel but when you go to fuel up, the actual price is 8-10 cents higher.  Ha-not really!  The low advertised price is for the higher-octane PLUS fuel!  The kneejerk reaction at the pump is to hit the lowest octane gas which, of course, is the higher price!  I overheard a woman "directing" her husband/boyfriend to be sure to pump the Plus because they are "getting" you with the advertised prices.  I looked at my pump price and saw that my 87 octane was 2.62--not 2.54 as advertised!  So, I immediately closed out that sale and reopened the pump with the Plus gas.  Sometimes it pays to eavesdrop on conversations...

This is the Wyoming Welcome Center where I parked and Cassie & I went on a little Nature Hike; that is why you're seeing the perspective up so high.  We are high up on a hill.  I made a lunch of salad and realized that I had not packed any bowls big enough for "my" large salads.  Maybe I should have packed the RV kitchen a little better.

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