Thursday, August 20, 2009

MoHo No Go: Towed from MO


As I left the city limits of Kansas City (thankfully!), I had a sudden loss of power ascending an exit ramp off the expressway. I almost did not get through the lighted intersection but by flooring the accelerator, was able to limp to the downhill entrance into Walmart. Couldn't have found a nicer place to park; right at a grassy place under a shade tree. The weather was sunny and mid-70's--gorgeous. Cassie got out for a walkie and did her cutsie wiggle/scratch on her back in the grass. I said "Self--we have been down this road before and I'm still here". So, no panic.

Though surrounded by mall-type businesses, including 3 motels, I had no internet connection so I called my Supreme Warranty PooBah who said "Call me back when you can talk $". NO HELP at all in getting assistance for a tow or whatever. They only want to talk to the mechanic who can give them an $estimate$.

Called Theresa who located the nearest Ford dealership and gave me a phone #. They were actually located about 1/8 mi from where I was stranded in Liberty, MO. However, the moho would not start so I needed to be towed. The dealer gave me the tow people's number and they arrived about 30 minutes later. Meanwhile, I had myself a nice picnic of frypan meatloaf and chugalugged the jug of red juice. (When one is being towed, one does not want purple/red pomegranite juice to leak out into the refigerator.) I still don't know how to work my microwave/convection oven. I downloaded the manual but have not read it yet. Hey--I'm a busy woman!

The tow truck guy came and hooked me up in about 1 1/2 minutes and took me to the Ford dealer 30 seconds away. I am now sitting on a public wifi connection in the middle of the Ford Dealer showroom. Cassie is sitting very patiently on the stool next to me people-watchng. Or she was... she just spied a dog--a Yorkshire Terror.

My moho is not up on a lift so I hope that means they think the problem can be identified on the ground and I can be outta here soon! Like maybe a gunklidyte got stuck in the thingamajig... If I have to stay overnight, I hope they will let me stay in the moho as the temps are going down to 60 tonight and it should be very pleasant and quiet. This is a very nice part of town, I am told.

All is well; I left the dealer $123 poorer but the whooziwhatzit came loose from a doololly and all that was needed was to reconnect the two things back together. No one knows why..its just fate that things come loose (Hey it happens to our bodies too!) I am back on the road and have a wifi connection Compliments of the Comfort Inn in Bethany MO. I am almost in Iowa where all the rest stops have wifi.

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  1. Whew! The MoHo had a tow...glad thats over! I'm still laughing at the "bird" post. You know...bird is the word. haha