Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nevada and My Friend Ruth

Not much chat today.

I got word this morning from Kate in Cape Coral that our friend, Ruth, passed away last night.  Ruth and Jim are dear neighbor friends and fellow RV'ers and we met them on the road a time or two and traded war stories about our adventures.  She and Jim have lived with her cancer for almost a year, and her struggle is over. 

Ruth was a loyal and ever-helpful friend during my and Frank's own battle with his cancers.  No matter how uncomfortable Ruth was, she would always call and offer me support and her friendship.  She was a determined "fighter" of her illness and pushed through the discomfort of the illness to attend Frank's memorium.  I will never forget her resolve to be there for me at that difficult time!  How I wish I was in Cape Coral right now.

Her husband Jim was continuously devoted to her care and took on the monumental task of being her caregiver and "keeper of the homestead".  Jim-you have my compassionate understanding of your effort in that regard and the new work that you must now do to live life without Ruth.

This is all I can think about today so this is not my usual blog.

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  1. Ruth seems to have been such a special person, and it's sad to hear that she lost her battle with cancer. I remember you talking about sorry about the loss of Ruth in your life. heavy sigh