Friday, August 21, 2009

Terrible's Lakeside Casino-Not So Terrible!

It was a good driving day in Iowa where hundreds of hay bales resembling beige marshmallows line the highway along with old tractors.  There must a lot of farmers going out of business or buying new tractors.  I noticed a lot of tractors for sale in Missouri, too.  Did you know that there was a shortage of hay due to dry climactic conditions in the midwest?  And, that it is much more costly to transport round bales than square bales due to DOT restrictions on wide loads etc? 

Anyway, I digress.  Stayed last night at Walmart and spent some time trying to lure a little kitten out of a weed mound next to the RV.  She was crying pitiful little mews in this high-pitched little baby meow "I am a scared little pusseeeee" so I took my flashlight and a paper bowl with some Half & Half and tried to find her.  My RV windows were open and her mewings were heartbreaking and driving me nuts.  She would not come out so I left the bowl and moved the RV to another part of the lot.  I returned this morning to see if she had drank the H & H but it was still there and Cassie slurped it up.

Arrived at Terrible's Casino around 9:30 after first stopping at the first Iowa Rest Stop to use the internet.  Little did I know that I would have full-signal internet right here at the casino RV park!  As you can see, I have all the comforts of home, with my laptop, phone for Magic Jack & TV.  And, of course my perky companion pup!

I got a lakeside spot with a nearby grassy area for Cassie to wiggle in.  Called for the shuttle and was given a $2 credit.  

Snagged a video poker machine and walked away with $15.  Theresa-- they didn't have "Deal or No Deal" there.  That paid for my seafood buffet this evening, which had shrimp, snow crab legs, mussels & clams, not to mention wonderful prime rib.  Have you ever tried to crack crab legs and claws with only one hand?  I would have eaten more but my left hand just got too tuckered!  I tied on the feedbag and ate meat like there was no tomorrow.  Everything else on the buffet was so-so and not worth chewing.

Tomorrow takes me to Waco, NE UNLESS the Camping World in Sioux City can give me some service.  I now have two issues; the backup camera issue and a leaky connection at my water inlet connection.  It is beyond leaky and pissing me off.   At first I thought it was my lack of hand strength what with my bum wrist but it's not.  I wish I had had a bit more time to do a shakedown trip with the RV before leaving but that's life.


  1. Sounds like Terribles hit the spot. Glad you got some real food. Maybe the protein load will help your wrist heal. Bummer on the Deal Or No Deal. And yes, you should have done a shakedown trip, but nooooooo!

  2. And in other news...I was watching the Animal Planet Dog Championships. Tell Cassie the Bichon won in the non-sporting group while the toy poodle won in the toy group. There will be no talking to Buddy and Cassie today.

  3. Is your perky companion pup ready to visit Bella and Ozzie? I think she will be surprised about what perky means!